Successful Mommy Bloggers for Inspiration

successful mommy bloggers for inspiration


“Call a woman a “mommy blogger” and you might as well be slinging mud. The expression, as it is most commonly used, is patronizing at best, derogatory at worst.” – Lauren Apfel, debate editor for Brain, Child Magazine

Being a mother is probably the most difficult job in the world, especially if you have to raise your kids, work, and manage the whole household all at the same time. It is thus not a surprise that mommy blogging has become popular. Not only does it provide an outlet (even therapy) for moms, but it can also be a means of earning money.

We can’t ignore the fact that in some circles, mommy blogging is looked down upon. As the quote from Lauren highlights, the term can be patronizing.

But it doesn’t have to be so. There are many successful mommy bloggers who are to be admired for what they have accomplished, not only in terms of popularity but because of the quality of their writing. If you want to launch your own mommy blog, make sure to look to these successful mommy bloggers for inspiration. [Read more…]

Are You a Daddy Blogger?

DadMommy bloggers are a force to reckon with. That is, if you’re in the business of marketing products and services, especially those meant for kids, households, and families in general. Businesses are jostling for attention, in the hopes that mom bloggers would review their products or services. A lot of mom bloggers I know get a lot of freebies from foodstuffs, to spa services, to kids’ toys, and a host of other things. After all, word of mouth does carry weight, especially if hearing or reading something from someone you trust.

Ethical implications of online reviews (whether sponsored or not) aside, I do wonder what people think of dads who are bloggers. Perhaps I can be considered a “daddy blogger,” myself. I work and run my business from my home. My wife and I share the responsibilities at home. We do take turns in taking care of the kids, and in most cases, we also share the household chores. [Read more…]