Posterous Slanders Tumblr


Perhaps slander is a harsh word (malign and misinform might be better candidates), but it looks like Posterous campaign to demonize everyone continues with its latest target being Tumblr.

But blogging on Tumblr is sort of like being in high school.  But you know deep-down that you can’t be in high school forever.  Eventually, you have to move on.

It’s the same with blogging.  After you get your feet wet, you need comments and the ability to moderate them.*  You need to add different media types to each post.  Your sharing needs are more complex, and your site needs to grow with you. […]

With Posterous there are no limits to your self expression.  You can use Posterous to run your private family email list, proudly promote your business or set up a multi-user site where everyone contributes posts via email without having to set up an account.   If you can imagine it, you can do it on Posterous. (Official Posterous Blog)

As you can see from the graphic above, Posterous also indicates that Tumblr lacks “real comments” and privacy features, as well as a decent email-to-post feature (something that is considered standard for most blogging platforms).

Instead of dismissing the Posterous propaganda in its entirety, lets go through each of their claims to see if any of them have any merit. [Read more…]

Is Posterous Suffering From “Little Big Man” Syndrome?


Posterous, the nimble blogging service that is similar (albeit more advanced) than Tumblr, has decided to help liberate users from dying platforms by offering to import their sites for free.

A lot of you have asked for help moving your old blog, photos or videos to Posterous.   You grouched about dying platforms that haven’t added new features in ages, sites that have made it too complex to perform the most basic tasks and places that smother your content in ads.

We hear you.  Every day for the next 15 days, we’ll add a new platform from which you can import your old content into Posterous.  Whatever the reason, whatever the site, we want you to switch to Posterous. (Official Posterous Blog)

Ironically the first site Posterous decided to attack was Ning, who caused a firestorm after shutting down their free service.

While it’s good to see Posterous offering more tools to import media from other services, they may want to rethink their strategy of “attack thy neighbor.” [Read more…]

Posterous Declares War Against Spammers

With nefarious spam on the rise throughout the blogosphere (both human and inhuman), it looks like Posterous has finally given users the ability to moderate comments upon their blogs.

If you want to prevent comments from appearing on your site without your approval on your Posterous blog — now you can. You’ll get an email whenever a comment gets posted to your blog, and it’ll be up to you whether that comment gets approved or rejected. You can turn this setting on for each of your sites individually.

You can either approve or reject the comment directly on the post, or go to your Manage page and click Moderate now. (Official Posterous Blog) [Read more…]

Are Posterous Pages Potentially Dangerous?


Posterous (considered by some to be Tumblr’s biggest rival) is finally allowing users to create pages to accompany their blogs.

Unlike Tumblr however, Posterous is enabling fans of the service to add a few extra features to pages that may appeal to keep-it-simple bloggers, not to mention spammers as well.

We decided to use the same great editor that you are already using for posts. This means you can edit rich text, upload any media, and add and edit photo galleries. All of the cool features that we’ve created for posts—like link auto-expansion and syntax highlighting—come along for the ride with pages. […]

We allow you to create a page that redirects to a static URL. You may want to do this if you want to add a link to one of your social networks, or to a page tTo [sic] do this, simply click on the “Page Options” tab, and add a URL where it says “Redirect to:”. When your visitors click on a link to a redirect page, they will be redirected to the URL you specified. (Official Posterous Blog) [Read more…]

Posterous chooses Rackspace Cloud for blog hosting


posterous_logoWhen you’re an up-and-coming free blog service like Posterous, with some big name users on your books, then you need to ensure your web hosting is up to scratch.

To that end, Posterous has chosen The Rackspace Cloud to handle its hosting requirements.

The move means that the multimedia files users send to the Posterous service, for publication and dissemination via a number of other online services, will be stored on Rackspace’s Cloud Files. [Read more…]

Posterous Adds Facebook Support

The ever appealing hosted blogging platform Posterous now supports posting to Facebook. You might remember that Steve Rubel moved to the platform recently. The addition of Facebook support surely is another reason for switching to Posterous. On the other hand, you can sync just about any blog with a RSS feed to Facebook, so it might not be the big Hosted Blog Killer feature after all.

Steve Rubel Quits Blogging

Notable blogger Steve Rubel is quitting blogging, and is all about the lifestreaming now. He’s apparently blown away by Posterous, but looking at his new site it is all very much a blog to me. Then again the platform he has chosen is a lot less tightened than his old blog (being Micro Persuasion, still online), so I while I think he’s just playing with words here, this probably sums it up better than anything else:

A blog is more structured. It’s posts. This is freestyle.

Related: Louis Gray’s post on blogging still being the foundation to build upon.