Shared Webhosting: Hostgator Webhosting Review


Hosting often is one of the more difficult decisions to make when starting a website and our own Jonathan Bailey has written several entries on the topic already, over at BloggingPro, as part of his Blogging Pitfalls column. The main problem with hosting though is that often YMMV applies and what one thinks is a great host, could be horrible experience for the next user. I recently switched several sites to Hostgator and here’s my experience with them.

One of the main reasons why it often is difficult to decide on a host, is that the user never knows whether the server they receive space on is oversold or not. Most hosting companies, especially larger ones do oversell, in order to keep the price down. Often this results in the dilemma: “Do I go with a larger, and cheaper, host company or do I decide for a smaller company which is more expensive?”. [Read more…]

Investing in Technology with Fisher Investments On Technology

Fisher Investments On Technology

Fisher Investments On TechnologyFisher Investments, a stock market and management services specialized company, offers the sixth installment of its Fisher Investments On series, Fisher Investments On Technology. Fisher Investments On focuses on providing its readers, often individual or aspiring professional investors, the tools needed to understand and analyze opportunities. The sixth book, Fisher Investments On Technology aims at clearly defining the broad term Technology and gaining more insight in the Technology market.

Fisher Investments On Technology consists of three main parts:

  1. Getting Started in Technology
  2. Next Steps: Technology Details
  3. Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager

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UK take-out portal offering free food to bloggers

The only proviso seems to be that you review the new web site of UK fast food information portal

Most bloggers won’t turn down free stuff, so Just-Eat’s latest promotion could go down pretty well. They’re offering a £15 meal for those who sign up to the service and then blog or write about their experience (with a link, of course). [Read more…]

Review 2.0 – This Is How You Do It

Review 2.0

Review 2.0 - This Is How You Do ItMy hat’s off to Gina Trapani (whom I interviewed recently) for an excellent reviewish post about netbooks. Or mini-PCs or whatever we’re allowed to call them these days (Psion has a patent, claims to be using it). You know the type, the small cheap computers made popular with the Asus Eee PC and now available in a plethora of models from a whole bunch of manufacturers. I myself have had an Eee PC 900, and a Kohjinsha SH6 before that (still around actually), and the current one is a Lenovo S10e, which I just won’t let go.

I could write a review on these machines, these products. It would start with my initial thoughts on the design, I’d go through the hardware aspects, and then I’d ramble on, do some benchmarks perhaps, get a photo gallery up there… You know the deal, it’s been done a thousand times.

Or I could do a review 2.0. [Read more…]

Review: Blogger – Beyond the Basics

Blogger: Beyond the Basics provides a difficult challenge to me as a reviewer. As a die hard user of WordPress reviewing a book about Blogger, I have to do two things.

  1. Not allow any prejudice or personal feelings about Google’s blogging service to enter my review.
  2. Read this book from the perspective of the target audience and decide how much it might help them.

The first turned out to be surprisingly easy. I’ve dabbled with Blogspot blogs before during tests and was curious what advanced capabilities the service had.

The second, however, turned out to be much more difficult, not because I found it hard to put myself in the shoes of the target audience, but because I couldn’t figure out exactly who the target audience was. [Read more…]