Social Networks: Blog Killers or Blog Saviors?


wheel-spokes-hubTwitter. Facebook. MySpace. Flickr. YouTube.

Are these and other social media hangouts hurting or helping your blog?

No matter what your answer is, you must admit that blogs no longer dominate the social media landscape as they did in, say, 2006. While blogs still form the center of many companies’ social media marketing efforts, they’re now joined by a wide variety of other platforms and services.

2009: A Crossroads of Social Confluence

We stand at a crossroads of sorts. The online world is undergoing so much convergence that blogs and other so-called “social media” tools are becoming quite difficult to distinguish from each other.

We used to publish and discuss material at our blogs, reaching out on fledgling online social networks to find readers and approval. We still do that, but we now have more options and more reasons for holding substantial conversations outside of our blogs. [Read more…]

Vote App Lets Facebook Users Express Their Outrage


I’m not the right person to judge the new Facebook design because I find the social network utterly boring, and the only reason I even reactivated my account was to get in touch with people addicted to the service. I will say that the previous design was cluttered, while this one is nicer on the eye. That is, however, not the most important thing when it comes to app-like services and sites like Facebook, and a lot of users dislike the new design.

A new Facebook application, called New Layout Vote, lets you vote on the new design. These are disheartening numbers for Zuckerberg & Co., because as of now, some 900,911 users have voted and the score is a whopping 94% against the new design. As in don’t like it. The app will break 1 million in a few hours time, if the increase in votes right now is anything to go by.

More on Techmeme, of course.

So what do you think about the (fairly) new Facebook design?

Review 2.0 – This Is How You Do It

Review 2.0

Review 2.0 - This Is How You Do ItMy hat’s off to Gina Trapani (whom I interviewed recently) for an excellent reviewish post about netbooks. Or mini-PCs or whatever we’re allowed to call them these days (Psion has a patent, claims to be using it). You know the type, the small cheap computers made popular with the Asus Eee PC and now available in a plethora of models from a whole bunch of manufacturers. I myself have had an Eee PC 900, and a Kohjinsha SH6 before that (still around actually), and the current one is a Lenovo S10e, which I just won’t let go.

I could write a review on these machines, these products. It would start with my initial thoughts on the design, I’d go through the hardware aspects, and then I’d ramble on, do some benchmarks perhaps, get a photo gallery up there… You know the deal, it’s been done a thousand times.

Or I could do a review 2.0. [Read more…]

Facebook Turns 5, Still Huge


FacebookCEO Mark Zuckerberg hands out free thank you gifts on Facebook, and talks about how the social network is letting people participate online using their real identities, and feeling safe about it.

The culture of the Internet has also changed pretty dramatically over the past five years. Before, most people wouldn’t consider sharing their real identities online. But Facebook has offered a safe and trusted environment for people to interact online, which has made millions of people comfortable expressing more about themselves.

He also links the Facebook retrospective, with screencaps of how the social network has evolved the last five years. Pretty interesting actually. Yes, those are the same images posted by TechCrunch and Inside Facebook to name a few. [Read more…]

Exploring Social Media: Promoting Your Link Backs to You

Exploring Social Media article series badgeYesterday in Exploring Social Media: The Power of the Link Needs Content, I introduced the most powerful social media tool in the world, the link, and explained that unless you have make the link direct people to valuable and useful content, you are shooting blanks. The link makes a lot of noise with nothing to show for it.

The impact of linking to yourself is magnified in value. When you email or publish a link to something you wrote, recommending it, you are telling the world:

  • I know that which I write about.
  • I am an expert in the subject.
  • I have the experience to back up what I’m writing.
  • This is the best I can do.

Do your links qualify?

When you contact a blogger or anyone to encourage them to link to you, do you keep these things in mind? Are you offering your best work? Does your blog or social media tool show the world you are an expert in this?

If you have the proof behind your link, then maybe your failure is in the presentation of that link, especially when directed towards bloggers, the most capable of spreading the word far and wide about you and your blog. [Read more…]

Exploring Social Media: The Power of the Link Needs Content

Before Linking, you must have content worth linking to and recommending

Exploring Social Media article series badgeIn The Power of the Link and Don’t Guest Blog Until You Have Content, I talk about two very important subjects that apply to our ongoing discussion and Exploring Social Media Series.

First, a link is a door people open to your world, be it a world within your blog, social media tools and services, or a recommendation to visit another world, one you hope your fans will enjoy so much, they will return to your world with joy, eager for more and telling the world about what you have to offer.

Second, if you link without anything worth linking to, without anything positive to offer people, without anything worth recommending, without anything worth returning to, you have lost the power in social influence within the modern online world.

If you link to yourself, then these two characteristics are magnified. You are offering people a gateway into your world, one they expect is worth linking to, deserving of attention, exciting, and worth telling others about.

The link is the most powerful social media tool of all. [Read more…]

Facebook Reaps Mobile Success, Will Blogs Come Next?

The fact that Facebook is something of a success and phenomenon won’t come as a surprise to anyone reading the Blog Herald, but the recent mobile growth just might. Apparently they launched some new mobile services, and that sparked this success blog post, with the following message:

People are hungry for interactive mobile features worldwide, and Facebook users are no exception. Usage of our mobile products has grown from 5 million to 15 million active users since the beginning of the year. We have expanded our mobile team and are continuing to make improvements every day.

That by itself is impressive, and the success can probably be put down to the ability to actually interact via your mobile phone, something that isn’t too common, as ReadWriteWeb points out in their story.

Blogs could see the same mobile growth, it’s just a matter of reaching out with content that fits the mobile phone. Sure, you can read traditional blog posts on smartphones, and perhaps even ye olde mobile phone, and if you have a mobile version of your site, via any of the providers or by yourself, it might even be pretty usable. That’s not the real issue here. [Read more…]