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Facebook Mapping Shows Networks Climb Towards Worldwide Dominance

Facebook Mapping Shows Networks Climb Towards Worldwide Dominance

Facebook WorldFrom 2009 through 2010 Facebook has increased their size by leaps and bounds, not only in the United States and Canada, but in countries throughout the world.

Based on statistics taken from Alexa, Google Trends and other reputable data service centers, Vincenzo Cosenza posted the December 2010 map for Facebook dominance by country. As the legend on the map shows, Facebook, color coded in blue, has for the most part taken up a stronghold in more countries, although Orkut has managed to continue some of their dominance in some of the South America territory Facebook has begun to slowly control.

Also interesting, Facebook has knocked Orkut out of the top spot in India, while gaining slightly more control in Europe.

China’s QZone has also managed to work out a nice niche in the Chinese region, while Orkut does still control the Brazil market.

Look below and you’ll first see the 2010 social network trending map, followed by the 2009 map which gives a good idea of how Facebook has grown in popularity and how other social networking sites are growing or falling in other regions around the world.

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