Let Us Instruct You In The Art Of WordPress


If there was one company that had the potential of redefining WordPress self hosting as we know it, I would say would be it.

While providing the speed and security of rivals,’s approach to WordPress is to simply provide users with the tools they need to succeed while cutting out the bloat ware that most users could care less about.

Founded by Joshua and Sally Strebel in April of 2009, has been servicing customers large and small, as well as helping a few clients start their own WordPress empires.

After coming across the service months ago, I was impressed how polished the site was on the outside, although it was only after digging in that I was able to uncover the’s true power underneath. [Read more…] Vs “I Control My Site” (Which Is Better?)


Of all the WordPress hosting companies that I’ve tested, I have yet to come across one that could potentially challenge Automattic for the WP crown–until now.

Going by the name of I Control My Site, this company has the potential of challenging Automattic by offering users more freedom with their WordPress blogs at the low cost of free (note: this only applies to their Lite plan).

Publicly unveiled in August of 2010, I Control My Site presents users with an inexpensive alternative to that is in many ways similar to Automattic due to its custom admin interface as well as its “social” UI that allows one to send a “friend request” to users within the community.

While I Control My Site does offer users the ability to upgrade their accounts in order to take advantage of extra features (such as email, FTP, more space, etc.), users who enjoy blogging under a sub domain for free may want to check out I Control My Site before making any commitments to [Read more…]

WPWebHost: All Your WordPress Blogs Should Be Hosted By Us


Founded in 2007, WPWebHost had a dream of providing a WordPress only hosting environment that was not only affordable for WP fans, but also provided quality service (a rarity back “in the day”).

A year later the company was acquired by Exabytes who provided WPWebHost with the financial resources to keep their dream of affordable WordPress hosting alive, and as they say the rest is history.

Fast forward towards today and WPWebHost is one of the largest WordPress only hosting companies outside of the walls of Automattic (who owns, hosting hundreds (if not thousands) of WP blogs of every shape and size.

The managers at WPWebHost were kind enough to give me a few weeks to test out their service (under their Freedom Plan), and here are my thoughts after giving their servers for a spin. [Read more…]

PressHarbor: WordPress For The Rest Of Us


A long, long time ago, in a place not so far away a company emerged from the shadows offering WP fans an alternative to Automattic’s

Launched in 2007 by the folks behind RackShare, PressHarbor provides a safe haven for WP fans looking for a WordPress centric hosting company without the limitations of Automattic (the latter who created WordPress).

Probably considered one of the first WP centric hosts to emerge online, PressHarbor prides itself on offering users features that they will need instead of presenting options that they will probably never use.

The folks behind PressHarbor were kind enough to let me test out their hosting service, which presented a few surprises “under the hood.” [Read more…]

Is BlogOnCloud9 WordPress Heaven?


After discovering the brutal reality that hosting companies were more concerned with turning a profit than fine tuning their servers, Dana Rockel and Karen Jackie decided to rescue WordPress fans by entering the WP hosting arena themselves.

Thus BlogOnCloud9 was born.

Founded in February of 2010 by the team behind ContentRobot, BlogOnCloud9 offers WordPress bloggers a cloud based solution for those seeking friendlier host who actually tries to help resolve WP related issues (instead of pointing them towards a search engine).

Utilizing the power of Rackspace (their host), BlogOnCloud9 seems geared towards medium sized sites such as small businesses, probloggers and hobby bloggers who have become a little too popular.

The folks at BlogOnCloud9 were gracious enough to give me a test spin under the Guru plan, and are even offering readers $10 off for the first month  of service (see below for details regarding this offer). [Read more…]

Is WordPress VIP Beyond Reach? Let HostCo Wipe Away The Tears

Wheel Icon: Wordpress

Despite the glories of hosting your blog upon, you often have to trade in freedom (as in plugins, ads, etc.) in order to find a secure and fast host.

Of course the only exception to this rule is WordPress VIP, which Automattic (the creators of WordPress) allows a publisher to customize their WP site to their hearts content.

Unfortunately WordPress VIP is a curated service (which is geek speak for “highly selective”) which means even if one had the funds, they may not be granted a seat at the table.

However there is an alternative for WordPress fans seeking a hosting company that majors in power and minors in frills by the name of HostCo, a WordPress only hosting company (similar to, but is geared more towards high end users. [Read more…]