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5 Best Blogger Outreach Tools to Connect with Influencers

5 Best Blogger Outreach Tools to Connect with Influencers


Blogger outreach is undoubtedly time-consuming. Not only do you need a laid out plan, but you also must follow the right technique. Because of this, most people fail to use this strategy correctly. However, you can avoid failure by using the best blogger outreach tools. We’ve compiled the best ones to help drive more traffic and revenue to your blog.

1. Pitchbox


Building connections is an essential part of blogging, and Pitchbox knows that very well. This is a great tool to foster relationships with top influencers. It’s jam-packed with features useful for marketing. This makes it a two-in-one tool that’s for networking and marketing as well. Its automated follow-ups and feature-rich dashboard are some of its highlights.


Its follow up feature is automated, helping you save time in keeping track with your audience. You can also personalize the interface any way you want.


Its dashboard has too many features, which might confuse beginners. This isn’t the best when it comes to user-friendliness.

2. BuzzStream


If managing client relationships is your thing, then you’ll fare well with BuzzStream. It’s a great researching tool to find the best influencers for your niche. One of its highlights is its ability to connect you with influencers automatically. And it does this efficiently thanks to its streamlined outreach process.


You can easily track active contacts, together with their conversation history and activity. The reports about your response rates are also helpful in improving your choices. And the auto-populated templates make reaching out easier.


You’ll come across lags and bugs when adding people to the tool. It also lacks a send-to-many email feature.

3. Ninja Outreach

ninja outreach

You might have heard Ninja Outreach a couple of times before. That’s because this is a heavily marketed outreach tool around the world. It has a platform that’s tailor-made to global users, regardless of their language and location. It’s a great tool for template personalization and automated email outreach. For sure, using this will result in higher response rates.


Its drag and drop interface and pre-designed templates make this a user-friendly tool. This also saves you time when searching for influencers.


The web app contains fewer features than the desktop version. Its social prospecting section also feels limited because it only has Instagram and Twitter.

4. Klear


Klear keeps track of your blog interaction’s results. This makes it easy to find contacts most likely interested in your niche. Almost everything is automated when using this. This gives you lots of time to create personal messages and interact with your prospects.


It’s one of the most user-friendly outreach tools because of its simple interface. You save time because the features are aimed at automating the outreach process.


There’s only one workspace to work on. This makes working with a team impossible. It’s just good for single-person use.

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5. GroupHigh


GroupHigh is for you if you want to speed up your blog outreach campaign. It has a streamlined outreach process that syncs well with over 15 million bloggers. This opens your blog to a lot of opportunities. There are also email templates and personalized pitches you can send quickly.


Segmenting influencers is made easier thanks to the Create List feature. It’s also a great way to pitch and find targeted influencers.


There are times when its monthly visitor reports are inaccurate. It also doesn’t show you the influencer’s email address. And you might find the interface a bit confusing.


Embarking on a blogger outreach campaign isn’t difficult. All it takes is having the right skill, tools, and the desire to beat your competitors. And aside from using the tools above, you can also get a digital marketing consultant.

Just remember that blogging isn’t just about creating great content. It’s also about making your word known and driving traffic to your blog. What better way to do that than by using the best blogger outreach tools? Check out each one and find which fits your needs best. Who knows? Maybe your blog will be the next Mashable or Gizmodo.

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  • Awesome round up Chris, these are all great tools that we’ve tried over the years (now settled on GroupHigh). I’m not sure you if you’re looking to add in any other solid blogger outreach tools to your list but it might be worth looking at LinkHunter. It’s like Ninja Outreach / PitchBox but much easier to use with a cheaper price tag.

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