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How to Use Blogging to Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process

How to Use Blogging to Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process

How to Use Blogging to Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process

Over the years, companies have tried to come up with ways to actively engage their employees. Whether it be a multinational company or startup, there is a set of activities laid for the staff’s growth. The goal here is to make the employees well-informed about their jobs and sustain their motivation to work their butts off.

There are times when, as a boss or HR staff, you need to beef up or change onboarding methods. This is one of the wisest ways to keep your new hires on track. One interesting tip is starting a company blog for internal knowledge.

Blogging for employee onboarding?

Blogging is a fascinating way of sharing information with readers. It can be done on a personal level, but other times companies can start a corporate version. Here are a few reasons why it can be of value to the business:

It builds an avenue for communication and sharing

By starting a corporate blog that keeps the team updated, you create a channel for voicing their thoughts. Blog’s comment sections are the right way to raise questions, give suggestions, and agree to ideas. You also stay updated on latest company news, advisory information, and employee requirements.

It highlights company goals and values

The good thing about a blog is that a page can last a lifetime if you don’t delete it. You can mark an important post especially those related to the company’s mission and vision. Always remind the employees of the why the business is doing what it’s doing through this blog post.

It creates a voice for highlighting why employees should join your company

Let your staff contribute thoughts and posts on the company blog. This will give them a chance to share that post and say something good about the company. Social media will be able to spread the benefits of joining your team which can boost more considerable success for the business.

How to use blogging as an HR officer or team leader

How to use blogging as an HR officer or team leader

Now since the some of the benefits have already been laid down here, what are the things that your company blog should have? Here are a few ideas on leveraging the company blogging technique:

Start an activity calendar for your team

Make it a habit of arranging trips or activities that will help the employees mingle with one another. We all know sitting on the desk all day is not healthy. Begin the social communication by posting company events or engagement on the blog and let them RSVP online.

Open up survey forms for feedback

Let the employees’ voices be heard. You may craft and schedule interesting and engaging forms on your company blog. This will let your employees visit the blog and share their thoughts for improvement. They can also use this as a channel to voice out their concerns.

Build a contribution page that will let employees submit posts

Let the creative juices of your staff come alive. Give them a chance to submit articles or ideas for the company blog. Let them be the educators and inform new hires know the right things and protocols of the business.

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If you are already convinced and determine to start off a company blog, there are tricks on getting your feet started with the job:

  • Find the right tools and learning management systems that are available in the market. There are already several software products produced to manage information for companies. You may explore your options and see those that will cater both to your employee onboarding process and maintaining staff.
  • Brainstorm with the team.One of the main reasons for starting a company blog is to keep new hires informed. Let your current workforce share their thoughts on what should be posted and maintained. Start sessions with those who wish to be contributors and let them post updates for everyone.
  • Outline everything, keep notes for reference.Since you’re already at the starting point, be sure to take notes and record all ideas. This will give you a place to return to when all your plans have gone away. It’ll also be a refresher for you and your team why you started a company blog.


Blogging is a fun and creative way of keeping everyone informed. It can also be an educational tool for your new hires to refer to. This will make them have reference and pages to bookmark to remember company policies and goals. Just make sure to be dedicated to keeping it updated. You may also assign a team or individuals who will post regularly. After all, the key to successful blogging is letting it have the right updates as needed.

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  • The idea behind getting your employees to share your brands content is that it reaches an audience that pays far more attention to what you’re saying. Not because what you’re saying is extraordinarily creative or witty, but because it’s coming from a source that is more trusted.

  • SocioAdvocacy is the quintessential Employee Advocacy tool that lets your employees discover your official marketing communication and share it with their external social networks, in turn generating positive conversations and sales for your company. It allows you to make a provision for your employees to earn reward points for engaging with and sharing the content that makes the advocacy program gamified. Employee advocacy is described as the exposure that employees generate for brands using their personal social media accounts. SocioAdvocacy also lets you track the effectiveness of advocacy marketing across social media, hence improving it with real-time feedback.

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