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How to Write Shareable Tech Reviews

How to Write Shareable Tech Reviews

write shareable tech reviews

With all the content available on the internet, it’s difficult to stand out. It’s even harder to get your information shared. Since showing up in searches and getting shared are two of the most important aspects of getting readers, try these methods for writing shareable reviews. 

Tips to Write Shareable Tech Reviews

Do Your Research

If you’re writing a tech review, don’t waste your time if you’re not willing to do the research for the review. You want your blog to garner authority in this matter, and you won’t be able to accomplish this if your blog isn’t well thought out and researched. For example, if you are reviewing Beats headphones, it’s important to research any upgrades to the current model and mention how it competes with similar products.

How to Write Sharable Posts

Spend the time researching the product and reading other reviews. Don’t try to rush to have the review out first without properly researching the product and the company. Also, make sure you offer a reference or comparison, especially if it’s a new product on the market.

Test the Products Yourself

Although it’s not always possible, you should do this when you can. Readers want a more personal experience related to the review, which you can’t give them if you are just basing your analysis on what other people have said about the product. It’s also important to spend some time with the product instead of just writing about your first impressions. Sometimes products can grow on you, and sometimes using them for an extended period will help you realize their flaws.

write shareable tech reviews

For example, if you want to review wearable technology like the Samsung Gear, make sure you test the product long enough to truly learn what it’s like to actually wear technology. Try to stay open-minded about the product, and don’t let your feelings about the company cloud your judgment for better or for worse. If you aren’t able to test the product yourself, make sure you have a comprehensive list of reviews, so you aren’t just basing your reviews on slanted or one-sided opinions.

Don’t Advertise

Unless you’re getting paid to write a review, which should be explicitly stated, don’t advertise or promote a product. To excel at tech reviews, you should be unbiased. People can feel when a blog is a marketing pitch, and won’t trust your reviews. Even if you really love a product, make sure you thoroughly review it and mention both positives and negatives.

Write Inclusive Content

You never know who the reader may be. Don’t exclude readers by talking over their heads or by making your content too simple. Use strategies such as links to explain more complex technology so people can explore further if they don’t quite understand specific concepts. Knowing your audience will also aid in writing articles that are directed toward the right people who would be willing to share them with their friends or colleagues.

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Edit Well

You can have meaningful content, but if it’s not edited well, you will lose readers and it won’t be shared. If your tech review is wordy or full of grammatical errors, people aren’t going to want to read your content. If you’re serious about writing or posting tech reviews, enlist the help of a good editor. Even if you do have experience in editing, it’s better to get fresh eyes on any content you write, since editing your own work is difficult and usually not very productive.

Share, Share, Share

It doesn’t matter how great your writing and reviews are if nobody reads them. Make it a priority to figure out ways to share and market your reviews. Social media is essentially a free and effective platform to get your tech reviews shared. Add share buttons to each post and urge your readers to share and comment on your reviews. Also include a call to action at the end of your article to encourage your readers to share. Making sure your content gets shared is just as important as the content itself.

If you’re going to spend the time writing reviews, use these ideas to write quality content that people will care about reading and sharing.

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  • My emails are rarely more than two or three sentences anymore, and if they are longer, they’re usually bulletized or consisting of a few one- or two-sentence paragraphs, including highlights to direct different peoples’ attention to different areas.

  • The worst thing you can do is to sound like you are trying to sell the product at all costs. That doesn’t create trust. You need to point out the up and downsides and really be sincere about the product. That’s how people will like your content and share to others.

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