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Paid Blogging Tools to Stake Your Lives on

Paid Blogging Tools to Stake Your Lives on

Blogging is more than just a platform to share your thoughts. When in the right hands, blogging can build relationships and establish thought leadership.

These are critical factors when applying blogging to the context of building your business.

As an owner, you want to reach out to your target market so you can encourage them to buy your products or services.

To attract the right audience, you need to write irresistible content. This should compel them to read your blog, if not subscribe to it.

To reach out to your readers in the first place, you need to share your blog and posts to the right online channels.

To further the reach of your posts, you need to perform blogger outreach and off-page SEO tactics. This ensures that your content reaches out to influencers and ranks high on Google.

Putting all things together, blogging follows (but not limited to) this set of tasks:

  • Content creation
  • Blog amplification
  • Social sharing
  • Link building

As a freelance blogger, these are necessary to apply on your blogs. The tasks ensure that you blog reaches out to as many people in your target market.

If you are working alone, you will not have enough time to do each one of them on a consistent basis. This is why you have to use different tools that will make it easier for you.

Why use paid blogging tools?

Free online tools are good, but not enough. They have limited features, which prevents you from running a seamless blog campaign.

That is why you must invest in paid blogging tools. These will help take out the guesswork from your blogging tasks. By using the tools the right way, you can focus on developing and publishing content.

In my years of experience as a blogger, I have exhausted free blogging tools to run my campaigns. Over time, these were not enough to maximize the performance of my blog content.

Using paid blogging tools help me automate my tasks. This gave me more time to refine my campaign until I maximized my content ROI.

Below are tools that you should consider using.


For: Content creation

Blog posts are all about communication. You need to use the best and right words to express your ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Before publishing posts, it is customary to edit them and make sure that the post is in tip-top shape. But there are errors that are not picked up by the naked eye, let alone your word processor of choice.

Making critical writing mistakes spell doom for your freelance blogging career.

Below is an infographic from GrammarCheck about the most common writing mistakes.


To prevent these mistakes from seeping down to your writing, buy Grammarly Premium.

I have featured Grammarly Premium in a review I wrote for BloggingPro.

Below are features that bloggers will enjoy with the paid version of Grammarly.

  • Observes and applies a comprehensive set of writing rules to your blog posts. It detects contextual writing mistakes that most word processors and checkers miss.
  • The Document Type feature lets you determine the kind of text you are writing. From e-mails to academic papers, choose the one that best fits your post.


For: Content creation

Aside from writing your posts, you can create visual content instead. This content type increases social shares of your posts, among other statistics.

Take advantage of the power of visual content by using Visme. 2015-08-19 13-45-18

You can create compelling content like presentations, infographics, banner ads, and others. Drag and drop elements onto your editor to achieve the desired look for your content.

Aside from creating original dynamic content, Visme lets you repurpose your content. You can turn your old blog posts into presentations or infographic. You can take quotes from your post into banner ads that you can share on Pinterest and Twitter. Doing these can drive more traffic to your blog content.

A free account on Visme lets you create three projects and download each in JPG format. The Standard Premium lets you create 15 projects and download them in JPG, PNG, PDF, and HTML5. This costs $7 a month.

3BozNTdI“If you’re looking for a way to bring visual content to life, then Visme could be the answer. Formerly known as Easy Web Content Presenter, the free browser-based tool allows marketers to easily create a range of visuals.” – Sharon Hurley Hall for CrazyEgg (Link to actual quote)

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For: Blog amplification, social sharing

Rolling out a promotions strategy can be time-consuming. A task that eats most of your time is sharing your content on social media.

You have to visit each site to enter the URL and description of each post on all channels.

To maximize your reach on Twitter, you will have to share your posts many times to gain traction.

It is not practical to visit Twitter at certain times in a day to share your posts.

Even if you are adamant in doing all these, it will eat up hours of your day logged into your social accounts. This robs time from other important tasks you have to do.

This is why Buffer is one of the best tools for this purpose. Unlike others in the market, Buffer is a lightweight tool to expedite social sharing.

It handles your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest accounts in one page. 2015-08-19 15-04-35

The best feature of this tool is the Queue feature. Once you click on this button, Buffer will take care when the updates will appear on your accounts. This takes out the time of inputting the date and time for each of your posts.

The Queue feature works best using Twitter. You can schedule posting of updates on the coming days like a breeze.

The free account lets you save up to ten queued posts in your social media sites. The paid account lets you save up to 200 messages on each site. It costs $10/month or $102/year.

Using Buffer allows me to raise my followers on Twitter by sharing my own content and others. It also keeps my account working for me while I do other blogging tasks.

AvSqkyAK[H]ere is an interesting Twitter tool call Bufferapp which is a low-cost online app for Twitter, which will let you add your Tweets in a buffer.  You can define time-slot for Tweets, and tweets will be sent in particular time slot from your buffer.Harsh Agrawal at ShoutMeLoud (Link to actual quote)

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For: Blog amplification, social sharing is a content curation tool that lets you showcase thought leadership. You can “scoop” content to your topic board and share them to other users.

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Upon registering for an account, you can create a topic where you can “scoop” content. You can also share your scoop on social media to increase your reach. 2015-08-19 15-34-23

As a blogger, I use this tool to build connections with like-minded people. I suggest my blog content to their respective topics. 2015-08-19 15-29-50

The best thing about is the ability to create a branded hub of great curated content. Users can follow your topic so you can build a readership from your topic. Once you have amassed a large following, they become more familiar with your content. This can lead to greater traffic and increase the outlook of people towards you work.

The free account lets you create one topic and scoop five times a day. The basic paid account lets you create five topic and unlimited scoops a day.

5ef3f5cbfb203bd0fd507a7739d3f321I like the platform because it’s a single tool with a single purpose and almost makes curation a simple task. It’s definitely worth taking a look if you’re considering ways to curate the broader discussion, themes and trends.  The ability to plug the curated content into a blog is also a useful feature.Brad Mays (Link to actual quote)

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Blogger outreach is a great way to make more meaningful connections online. As SEO evolves, you as blogger must develop relationships with influencers and site onwers. Reaching out to each allows you to earn sustainable links for your site.

Emailing them one by one may not be the most efficient way to reach out. A great tool to use for this task is BuzzStream.


The best thing about this outreach tool is the BuzzMaker feature. Once you have found bloggers to connect with, BuzzMaker will determine their online influence. It will list down all contact details and relevant information that you can use for your outreach.

You can also email bloggers from the tool using a template. Save up to as many templates as possible so you can automate the writing process. All you need to do is fill in the blanks to fit the email.

Blogger will be fine with the $19 price tag of BuzzStream. It lets you search 1,500 contacts, 20 prospecting searches, and 750 backlink checks.

As a link building tool, BuzzStream works best in a broken link building campaign. Here is a video from Authority Hacker that explains how you can do this.

DPmbzS49I’ve tried several outreach systems. From Gmail plugins to other SAAS apps to desktop apps. None was as refined and advanced as Buzzstream. Gael Breton for Authority Hacker (Link for this quote)

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This is not a blogging tool in the strictest sense. But for bloggers looking for rank their landing pages, consider using this SEO tool.

It is a pay for performance SEO service. You can choose the keyword and site page that you want to rank.

You can choose which range of search ranking you want for your page. The higher the search ranking, the more expensive.

The best thing about this service is their no-commitment policy. As their slogan says, “If you don’t rank, you don’t pay. It cannot get simpler than that.

This is beneficial for bloggers who attract clients from search engines. If you want to increase your online visibility with no strings attached, this is the SEO service for you.

What you are favorite paid blogging tools? Share them by commenting below!

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  • Hey Christopher,
    You are right free tools are not enough to succeed as a blogger. We must invest in premium tools to have a seamless blogging adventure.

    Premium tools have features that are not existent in free tools. Most developers offer free or trial tools to lure users into the main thing, which is paid services.

    However, one can start with free tools but its not advisable to stick with them. This will be tantamount to restricting what we can achieve.

    The tools shared and discussed here are on track. My favorite include Grammarly and BuzzStream!
    I left the above comment in as well.

    • Glad you feel the same way about free tools. I feel that most free blogging tools are gateways for us to use better tools in the future. It ultimately doesn’t matter if they’re paid or not – as long as the tools have help us make the most of your blogging efforts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sunday!

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