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The Value of Blogging for IT Specialists

The Value of Blogging for IT Specialists


Certain industries find blogging more advantageous than others; and while blogging isn’t for everyone, it can definitely be valuable for every IT specialist. Take a look at some of the following reasons and you’ll likely agree.

The Benefit of Making Thoughts Visible

There’s something to be said for recording your thoughts and making them visible for the world to see; it seems to add a sense of clarity. While you could certainly keep a journal by your bed or in your desk, unwinding and posting your thoughts forces you to think them over and then refine them. This can be particularly helpful in the IT industry where new technologies are constantly evolving and trends come and go.

Building Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is quite the buzzword in the current business world. Everyone hopes to attract a following by becoming an expert in their field, and sharing their knowledge with others. You can do this by sharing your ideas with others, engaging with peers, and building a community through blogging. By consistently producing content that revolves around the latest technology news, you can leverage your content to build thought leadership.

While there are numerous ways to build thought leadership on your blog, focus on diversifying the types of content you disseminate. For example, IT training videos are a great way to break consecutive blog posts about the latest Microsoft release. You should not only produce written content, but also videos, infographics, podcasts, and more.

Learning a New Skill

As an IT professional, writing and marketing probably aren’t your strong suite. One of the benefits of launching and maintaining a blog is you get to learn new skills that could prove helpful in the future. As with any skill or talent, being able to produce quality content will allow you to become more marketable and desirable to clients.

Attracting New Clients

Apart from engaging with existing customers, a blog can also help attract new clients. In fact, many successful IT specialists get the majority of their business from online referrals and blog conversions. Even if it only results in one or two additional clients, your blog will be considered a success.

Showing Off Your Skill Set

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Think of your blog as your online portfolio. You can use it to brag about your accomplishments, latest project successes, and ongoing developments. In essence, it puts your skillset on display for peers and customers to see. You may even consider dedicating a specific page to a profile that allows readers to get to know you. You can include personal details, as well as professional accolades.

Generating Extra Cash Flow

The internet is a valuable tool and you’re missing out if you aren’t finding ways to generate extra income. A blog is one of the top ways to make money and profits seem to grow once you commit to consistently producing quality content. You might wonder how, but the answer is simple. Online advertisers are looking to place their ads where readers are present. If you can prove your blog attracts enough viewers on a regular basis, they’ll pay you for some of that virtual real estate.

You Need a Blog

While there are ways to accomplish each of these tasks independently, no tool other than blogging allows you to do this in one fell swoop. Invest in blogging and you’ll soon understand the many rewards firsthand.

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