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Top Facebook Marketing Partner Comments On Facebook’s Newest Video Ad Format

Top Facebook Marketing Partner Comments On Facebook’s Newest Video Ad Format

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Just a day ago, Facebook launched a new video format. Collection is supposed to be the latest e-commerce tool to help the social media giant drive retail sales.

According to Adweek, “a video sits on the top half of the ad unit with four recommended products below. Retailers either select the products they want to feature manually or Facebook pulls popular products from a retailer’s site.”

Once an interested consumer clicks on the promo, they are taken to a separate landing page where they can browse similar items. Users can click on specific items to be taken to the retailer’s page or app to purchase online. Major retailers are jumping on board for this new form of advertising. Companies, such as Adidas, Lowe’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Sport Chek and Michael Kors have already tested out its power.

“This new ad format has everything we need to introduce a new product and drive sales,” explained Rebecca Watts, Adidas’ performance marketing senior specialist in a statement. “Collection has outstanding cross-selling capabilities, and we’ll certainly explore this new format again to inspire and increase sales.”

facebook collection

Facebook Collection is even looking promising for startups and smaller brands. In fact, one of Facebook’s biggest marketing partners explains the advertising power it could hold. The three-year-old startup has recently landing in the United States and is Facebook’s largest EMEA marketing partner with $1bn in annualized spend running through its platform.

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“Collection drives product discovery and sales on mobile and reflects trends we’re seeing in commerce for highly engaging and seamless experiences. Mobile is a highly visual medium where people scroll through many updates and images quickly. Any ad unit that feels more native to that style and behavior will help advertisers better connect with users,” explains Tuomo Riekki, CTO, “Collection will work for direct sales, but where it’ll become really powerful is as a prospecting tool for companies with large product catalogues, as the news feed ad opens to a full-screen experience with up to 50 shoppable products to inspire browsing and purchases.” is a 3 year-old startup, offering companies with high-volume ad spend a way to automate and optimize Facebook + Instagram campaigns. Tuomo (co-founder with CEO Kristo Ovaska) and his team of engineers are in contact with Facebook’s developers daily, testing products and providing feedback—weeks before anyone else.

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