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11 Blogging Apps Needed For Android, Blackberry And iPhone

11 Blogging Apps Needed For Android, Blackberry And iPhone

After Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone app store many moons ago, Six Apart kicked off the mobile blogging revolution by launching Typepad on the iPhone.

Since then several companies have launched official blogging apps upon not only the iPhone, but for Blackberry and Android devices as well.

Despite the advances of the respective smartphone OS’s, there is still a great need for either official or third party apps on some of these devices, especially outside of the iUniverse (note: you hear that Squarespace?!)

So if you are a mobile developer looking for the next project or a user wondering if your blog is supported, here is a list of needed apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.


Six Apart has already launched official apps upon both upon the iPhone as well as Blackberry, but has strangely showed indifference towards Android (despite its success against Apple).

While their is a premium third party client that supports Typepad, Droid fans need a dedicated app that is just as robust as its iSibling and BB buddy.

To my knowledge Six Apart has repeatedly declined to build an Android app, which means that a third party company may need to resolve this issue by creating an Android app.


Aside from Typepad, Six Apart also develops Movabletype (which is the self hosted form of Typepad for you non-geeks).

True to fashion, the company has yet to create an official app upon any mobile device, although iLovers can use BlogPress which supports MT (image posting and all).

Quality Android and Blackberry apps are desperately needed (key word is quality folks!) as many MT monks are becoming jealous of their iFriends.


Squarespace currently has an incredible iPhone app, with plans to extend the service further upon the iPad.

Unfortunately the company has expressed disinterest for Android and Blackberry devices, leaving a wide hole for third party developers to fill.

Although a third party app will probably never be as nice as an official one, it may help satisfy Droid and BB users (who have been demanding an app since the iPhone app first made its debut).


With version 4.0 launching later this year, b2evolution is attempting to reignite interest in its blog platform.

Unfortunately lack of user interest isn’t the only problem, as to my knowledge a decent app for Android, iPhone or Blackberry has yet to appear.

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Currently b2evolution is looking for a few good Android and iPhone developers (and probably a BB developer as well).


There is currently a Drupal iPhone app in the works, although I personally feel that the project will never see the light of day (let alone upon the app store).

Ironically Drupal does have a decent Android app (via Pixelpipe) although thus far no Blackberry app has emerged as of late.


Joomla does boast an incredible iPhone app (that will make CMS bloggers heart skip a beat) as well as a decent Android app.

Joomla currently lacks a Blackberry app, although truth be told there may not be too many BB fans using Joomla (although there is a small demand for a Blackberry app).

Any Others?

While there are numerous blogging platforms lacking a presence upon the top three smartphones, the ones listed above seem to have the greatest demand at the moment.

If any developers are currently working on a mobile app (or if users are seeking interest in one being developed) feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Hi I Need to know of any applications you want to develop on the Driod or iPhone, I am looking for projects..

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