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3 Twitter Apps That Will Survive Tweetageddon (aka Post Tweetie Acquisition)

3 Twitter Apps That Will Survive Tweetageddon (aka Post Tweetie Acquisition)

Now that the anguish and developer drama around Twitter’s buyout of Tweetie (plus the launch of  an “official” Blackberry app) is behind us, some are probably wondering which Twitter apps will survive in the world of mobile.

While an official app does not mean the end of third party developers (as BlogPress has survived despite the launch of an official WordPress and Typepad app), most twitter apps will probably become extinct by the end of the year–unless they can find a way to “out innovate” Twitter.

Although there are dozens (if not hundreds) of Twitter apps upon the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices (the latter which Twitter also plans on invading), here are four twitter apps that will probably survive Tweetageddon.

Twittelator Pro (iPhone and iPad)

Although not as simple to use as Tweetie, Twittelator does boast more features than its rival such the ability to post audio tweets, real customizable themes, as well as the ability to easily post images on your own WordPress blog via TweetPress (instead of Twitpic or another site).

There are perhaps at least 100 other features that could also be mentioned which help Twittelator stand out from the numerous twitter apps available.

While Tweetie (which will be renamed “Twitter for iPhone”) will capture masses, you will probably find hardcore tweet-a-holics defect towards this app.

TweetDeck (iPhone and iPad)

Despite its name (which they really need to change), TweetDeck actually connects to both Facebook and Twitter.

While adding Facebook to its list will help keep the app competitive against Twitter for iPhone, its unique presentation of columns will probably appeal to users with a large number of Twitter lists.

Although TweetDeck has yet to reveal how they will generate revenue in the future as they give away their app for free (perhaps via paid tweets?), power tweeters will probably flock to this app (especially those in the corporate realm).

Seesmic (Android and Blackberry)

Led by the ever optimistic Loic Le Meur, Seesmic will probably remain a viable alternative thanks in part to its recent acquisition of which will help connect them to over 50 social networks (Twitter included).

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While Twitter’s official Blackberry app (not to mention their upcoming Android app) will capture the hearts of the tweet masses, Seesmic’s strategy of “updating everywhere” will appeal to the socially savvy users (who more often than not are a member of multiple social networks).

Seesmic is also planning an iPhone app, although they have yet to reveal when it will appear upon the app store.

What about ________?

With the exception of Seesmic, most twitter apps upon Blackberry and Android devices will probably become extinct by the end of the year, as it will be difficult to compete against an elegant and powerful twitter app (a rarity in either of those platforms), especially if its free.

While twitter apps on the iPhone like Echofon, SimplyTweetTwitteriffic, etc. may survive Tweetageddon (due to their large and loyal fan base), unless they can find a way to differentiate themselves (outside of push notifications and filters), they may have trouble remaining profitable–especially if Twitter decides to mimic their features.

Update: Corrected spelling of Loic Le Meur’s name.  Sorry Loic!

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