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Should WordPress Buy (Or Build Something Similar)

Should WordPress Buy (Or Build Something Similar)


One feature that I love about both Blogger and is that I can redirect my default RSS feed over to FeedBurner in order monetize my blog feed.

While this option is available via plugin for fans and baked in for Blogger users (ever since Google purchased FeedBurner), users seem to be left out in the cold (unless you are part of the VIP Hosting club).

Although WordPress could just simply open themselves up to Feedburner, it may be wiser for them build or buy something similar to FeedBurner like

WordPress Feed Ads? Are you serious? is one of the largest blogging service platforms out there, second only to Blogger (at least as far as traffic is concerned).

While I am not sure who has the larger “feed eyeballs,” I would not be surprised if WordPress’s feed count was close to Blogger’s.

If WordPress decided to partner with their users with feed advertising, they could easily boost their revenues and not have to solely rely upon premium features in order to help keep the lights on.

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So should WordPress buy Pheedo?

While Pheedo is an excellent alternative to FeedBurner, their asking price is probably well over $50 million, which may not make sense to purchase (at least during this recession).

Creating their own feed ad network from scratch may be wiser (not to mention cheaper), and would give their fans one more reason to stay within the Automattic family instead of outsourcing to Google.

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  • Well, I’m guessing $50 million isn’t really a whole lot to a company like WordPress. Pheedo already gets traffic, and authority so they wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of writing code and building sites and graphics – and especially with a launch!

    Launching stuff can be hard. With Pheedo they’d get a head-start, then be able to integrate it into their system. Then re-launch it, and make it bigger. I don’t imagine it would take them long to make back that money.

    -Kris Roxas

  • I do not know that WordPress can afford the purchase. Every comment seems to think that they can, but I do not see them making the kind of revenue that would make this purchase an easy one.
    WordPress might be worth 50 million if it was put up for sale, but to have that much revenue already built up and accessible is hard for me to believe, given the nature of their site, unless they are receiving a lot of advertising revenue that I am not aware of.
    If they have script authors and the staff to build their own rss feed, it would be cheaper, but with purchasing Pheedo, they would be ahead of the game. If they have the revenue to make the purchase then I think that this would be the best approach for them.
    There are rss feeds that are defunct and, or, are disappearing, why not pick up one of these for cheap and rebuild it, integrating it at the same time? If they want one that is already established.

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