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Twitter For iPhone: We’re Looking For A Few Good Ideas

Twitter For iPhone: We’re Looking For A Few Good Ideas

The boys and girls at Twitter HQ tweeted out a request to the twittersphere asking for suggestions on ways to improve the official iPhone app.

If you have any problems/feature requests related to the new Twitter for iPhone app please let us know at @mobilesupport. Thx! (via @Tweetie)

While a few extra features like push notifications and filters would do wonders to improve the service, Twitter might want to consider adding these 5 critical features to the next update (some which are already being implemented by third party tweet apps).

More Video Options Please

Although Twitter for iPhone already supports several video options ranging from Posterous to TwitVid to even VodPod, the service has yet to include some of the “bigger” services like YouTube, VideoPress or Flickr.

It would be great if the Twitter team either provided one tap solutions or (even better) allowed for a custom service which could allow bloggers to upload videos to their own blogs instead of a third party.

Audio Tweets!

Although podcasting may not be big in the Twittersphere, it would be useful to at least have this option available (as not everyone wants to show their face to the world).

Although there are not as many podcast options (at least when compared to video), it would excellent if Twitter updated the iPhone app with this feature (along with a custom service option of course!).

Longer is better?

For those of us who refuse to adhere to the 140 character rule, Twitter for iPhone has included Twitlonger which comes in handy (especially in debates).

While Twitlonger has its benefits, bloggers may prefer to host the “extra characters” upon their own blogs (like Posterous, WordPress, Blogger, etc.) instead.

@Username List

Unlike many 3rd party clients, Twitter for iPhone does not import your entire @Username list, a feature that is very convenient if you have trouble tweeting someone with a complicated username.

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Adding this feature would help everyone save time when initiating a conversation with a follower, without having to load up a third party app.

Display Retweeters

Although Twitter for iPhone does display users who mentioned you in a tweet or sent you a direct message, Twitter (for some strange reason) does not allow you to see everyone who retweets your message.

A few third party clients already have this feature baked in, and it would be great if our Twitter overlords could add this feature as well. :-)

Any Others?

What other features would you add to Twitter for iPhone if you could? And if you use the Twitter for Android or Blackberry apps, what features should be included in order to make tweeting from your mobile device easier?

Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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  • I’d like to see:
    1. Not just @usernames populated, but an easy access searchable list of follower/following lists (without having to clumsily navigate to your profile as it is now).
    2. A “shortcut” area like Facebook’s “favorite” section in the Facebook app. This could be quick access to favorite lists, people, and functions. It could be implemented as a “flip” of the card (i.e. taping the top would ‘turn over’ the interface to a back side).

  • That’s a great idea Fabian! a shortcut would be helpful, especially for specific hashtags or people you want to follow (without having to for a list or a search term).

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