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Why Every Blogger NEEDS A Smart Phone

Why Every Blogger NEEDS A Smart Phone

So about an hour (or two) ago, my PC encountered the infamous Blue Screen of Death, an event that was ironically triggered by iTunes having “heart attack” while syncing to my iPhone.

Normally when an event like this happens I break out into a geek sweat, moaning about all of the software I have to redownload and burning the midnight oil restoring backups from the cloud.

This time I have no intention of redownloading any software (save for Skype, Paint.NET and unfortunately iTunes) as I no longer need them thanks to the various apps on the iPhone.

But whether you are an iFan boy or have crossed over to the dark side (for a Droid), you NEED a smart phone for 3 simple reasons:

Image Credit: George Lucas, Star Wars

Backup: What would a Jedi do if he lost his light saber? He (or she) would probably not enjoy a long life–unless they had a backup (like a blaster gun).

If your PC or Mac (or both) was damaged in a lightening storm, stolen or had a gallon of juice dumped upon it by kids, you would be out of service (as well as out of money).

A smart phone allows you to “hold down the fort” until your new machine arrives.

Cost: We’re living in the greatest recession since the Great Depression, so finding ways to curb costs is important.

I’ve personally saved well over $2,000 via various apps (that together cost me less than $50), and thanks to Apple, Blackberry and Google companies are hesitant about charging more than $10 per app.

Desire: Lets face it, all the cool kids have one, and there is no greater way of bringing glory to “the way of the geek” than by owning one.

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Smartphone’s also have another useful function: ice breakers.

In other words it’s a great way to help you introduce yourself to new people, and (eventually) point them to your blog.

Regardless whether you choose a Blackberry, Palm Pre, an Android device or a glorious iPhone (be sure to select 3GS), you as a blogger need a smartphone (which would make a perfect Christmas gift “hint, hint”).

Especially when your computer takes forever to format thanks to ginormous hard drives (but I’m not complaining–just venting that’s all).

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  • I don’t really get it – whenever I have a blue screen death, I simply reboot my computer… Why would one reINSTALL the system? On the other hand, a netbook as a second machine could also come handy – sometimes on the same price level as a notable smart phone ;)

  • I think the best merit of smart phones is that they can download many useful apps.For the purpose of backup,there may be better choice than smart phones.

  • Free mobile apps, plus geo-location, plus (as you mention) cost savings are several reasons why smart phones will soon become a primary (not just a secondary) tool for bloggers.

  • I agree! But choose your smartphone carefully! I just switched from Blackberry Pearl to iPhone because it is easier to do blogging chores on the iPhone. The phone calling was easier on the Blackberry, but the blogging is what I need and it’s great. :)

  • I’ve been blogging from a smartphone for almost three years now, posting every day and gaining a more than respectable following. The compliment most people pay me is that they can’t tell my page is created on a phone. It’s not a backup for me, it’s the primary way I contact the world, browse the web and do most things that only PCs are classically supposed to be able to do. I’ve been doing what most people do on PC for well over a decade on my phones, and newer systems have increased the ease with which I do these things, if not the capabilities they bring.

    I think you should add a fourth reason to own a smartphone – convenience. Often you’ll see something and want to blog about it but be away from your PC. With a smartphone you can take a snap, upload it, and put together a full post before you’ve gone a couple of hundred yards down the street. You can keep up with comments while eating fried chicken, check your feeds on other blogs while buying Xmas presents, and put together a blog theme while in the bath.

    Oh, one thing you should know is that there’s an official definition of a smartphone, and one of the points in that definition is a mobile device that has threaded multi-tasking capabilities, so the current three generations of iPhone don’t actually count as smartphones, just very expensive feature phones.


    I lost every program on my computer, but thankfully was able to at LEAST save some of my important files…

    I have owned a Droid for a while now – my first smart phone. Lets just say it is an amazing thing to have!

    I haven’t been able to do all of my work from it, but I have been able to start a new “commenting for traffic” experiement with it. I’ve set my phone up to notify me of recently updated feeds from a couple of popular blogs – so I can get in early and see just how much potential lies behind posting comments on blogs for traffic.

    I don’t think I could do any serious work with my Droid, for example… posting or anything. Writing a post with a phone keyboard would quite the challenge… but hey, thats nothing a wireless keyboard can’t fix (which I’m sure I will buy after one comes out for my phone).

    But anyway, this has been a good learning experience, and at least now I know just how important it is to have a backup option, whether it be a backup hard drive or a smart phone.

  • Blogging using smart phone would soon be a primary tool .as we get free mobile apps which is cost saving.So if you are aawy from your Pc not to worry,thses smart phones act as a back up for you. simply click your snap , upload it..And there you go..Thus you can keep working anytime and anywere..

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