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A Personal Apology To MySpace

A Personal Apology To MySpace

Despite its undisputed success in the social networking arena, MySpace is often regarded by many web 2.0 and blogger pro’s as the “low end” of the internet. My personal belief was that MySpace represented the rear end of the internet–everyone has one but you would lose all sense of dignity for publicly showing off yours.

That was the attitude I felt towards MySpace in general, until it helped our family locate long lost relatives thought to have been missing in action many years ago.

Although I will not go into personal details here, the general gist of the story is that I had several family members who lost contact with our general “family tribe” after a disaster struck their home via fire. Since technology was not as organized as it was today (this was years before Google was even an afterthought) we lost contact with them as people relocated all over the country.

After a decade and a half of family reunions on various sides of the family, a bright cousin decided to conduct a random search for our missing relative via MySpace, since virtually “everyone had a page” online (at least in America).

After typing in their name, they were able to locate our missing relatives and after a quick exchange of calls, our family was reintroduced to the missing blood lines, making next years family reunion a little bit more interesting.

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So on behalf of the MySpace team, my personal apologies for seeing you as the worst that the internet has to offer. If MySpace could help reunite our family together despite my prejudices, perhaps there is more good to MySpace than what the media lends credit to.

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  • Darnell that is a most beautiful story. It can’t get much better than finding family that once were lost, but not forgotten. Cheers to you and family :)

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