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Brazil May Close Google Office Because Of Orkut

Brazil May Close Google Office Because Of Orkut

The government of Brazil is really getting upset at Google. Orkut, a social networking service created by Google (and “the MySpace” of the region) is attracting various bad elements within the forums, and Google is apparently being uncooperative with Brazilian authorities.

(People’s Daily Online) Brazil’s Federal Prosecution Service on Monday announced that it would move to close the operation of U.S.-based web group Google in the country.

According to the public entity, Google has not followed court orders, determining the company to cooperate with the investigation on crimes concerning its social-networking service Orkut since June. Google has denied the charges.

Orkut has become a favorite among Brazilians, especially youngsters. However, the Federal Court believes that there are communities and personal profiles on Orkut, who exchange information on drugs and even traffic them.

It is no secret that drug dealers are using Orkut to solicit, communicate and traffic illegal drugs as their are certain forums dedicated towards this type of activity.

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Previously the Brazilian government was upset about child predators using the Orkut service, although Google seems to have cooperated somewhat with the authorities in that arena.

Google’s main concern seems to be user privacy, although their actions are being perceived by Brazil’s government as protecting those who violate their countries laws.

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  • I noticed that there are QUITE a few .br based users and nowdays the amount of spam coming out of that region has increased as well.

  • I am not too surprised by that. Ironically, I’ve been getting more spam from Japan than any other region (which puzzles me) although I have noticed some from Brazil creeping through.

    As far as Orkut goes, Google is in a WW3 death match with spammers, although I think their recent updates on the site will help curb that in the coming months.

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