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Future Chaos Or Commons Sense: Register Your Own .myfavname Domain Extension

Future Chaos Or Commons Sense: Register Your Own .myfavname Domain Extension

When it comes to selecting a blog (or even a web address), securing the “.com” is considered king. Unfortunately securing your .com (or even “.org”, “.net”, etc.) can be difficult with over 1.4 billion individuals using the world wide web.

Now it looks as if ICANN, the non-profit body responsible for regulating all of these “dots,” is seriously considering allowing anyone to register any type of domain extension to the glee of many individuals around the world.

(International Herald Tribune) “We’re talking about introducing potentially thousands more names,” said Paul Levins, executive officer of Icann, the California-based nonprofit company that is the host of the Paris conference, which has drawn more than 1,300 delegates from 130 countries. “The addressing system hasn’t fundamentally changed since its invention. These changes have the potential to have a huge impact on the way we express ourselves on the Net.” […]

After debating the system for years, Icann’s board is poised to vote on whether to set up the broad criteria for approving new domain names with limitless possibilities. It would allow companies to turn their own brands into domains or to create broad product groups such as .car, .sports or .bank – all candidates for dots. Ebay is already a contender to use its name, according to Levins, who added, “You can imagine the branding opportunities.”

If approved, this would allow everyone (including bloggers) to find a domain name extension suitable with your name or brand. If one were blogging about the iPhone, they could attempt to secure which could help distinguish themselves from other sites publishing on the same topic.

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While trademark issues will still have to be worked out (as having would probably generate a quick lawsuit), this may help open up the web even further–or confuse the rest of humanity who may be just getting adjusted to the dot com’s that dominate the internet.

(Hat Tip: HotAir Headlines)

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  • My mom, who is in her 60s, has a hard time with any domain name that’s not of the form She finds both and confusing. She’d be confused by this, too, at first. But after major companies announce their new websites in their TV commercials, she’ll adapt.

    Either that, or major companies will just stick with dot-com and nothing will really change.

  • Would people be able to register different domains?

    I mean, I could register the “.johnson” TDL — then “resell” the domains on it to all the Johnsons out there.

    Is that in the works??

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