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Happy Birthday Blogger! (BlogSpot Turns Eight)

Happy Birthday Blogger! (BlogSpot Turns Eight)

Eight years ago on this day three “uber” geeks got together and on a whim founded a web application called Blogger.

It was during the era of the “dot coms,” although unlike many of the other companies that eventually made the wall of shame, Blogger had no venture capitalists to back them up with stacks of cash.

It was not until Google actually purchased Blogger that the small team actually made their big break.

After surviving the world wide web for 8 years (which is an eternity in the internet age) Google has a few words of thanks for their past and current users.

(Blogger Buzz) Today marks Blogger’s eighth birthday! A time for reflection, a time to catch our breath from yesterday morning, and a time to break out the baby picture.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past four-fifths of a decade, and thanks especially to you for all the blogs. Come back later this afternoon for a present.

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Google’s Blogger has gone through several major changes throughout its short history, and with the team perfecting some of the features in Draft, it will be interesting to see how Blogger matures into a full media blog platform (with text, images, video uploading and mobile posting).

Congrats to the Blogger team, and here’s to eight more years of success!

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