Linked Intelligence Joins b5media

For those of you who don’t know, Linked Intelligence is a weblog focusing on the social networking site LinkedIn, which helps businesses and professionals to network each other.

After verifying this with Scott Allen (the owner of Linked Intelligence), it seems as if b5media is acquiring yet another weblog to their ranks.

(Linked Intelligence) I’€™m pleased to announce that Linked Intelligence will soon be joining the b5media network. With more than 150 blogs and two million unique visitors a month, b5media is one of the largest professional blogging networks […] Posting around here may be a little sporadic as we work through the transition, but once we’€™re done, I’€™m committed to five posts a week (!), so watch this space.

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Their is no official word from the b5media site, although I suspect that they will make an official announcement once Scott finishes up converting his blog over to their platform.

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  • Yeah — my bad for jumping the gun. Just a minor point of clarification – I don’t think “acquired” is the correct legal term, at least not in the traditional business sense. I’m just now part of the the b5media network. Looking forward to it.

  • Heh! Sorry about that. I guess “acquired” is a bad way of putting it. Joining would have been better (although I was trying to avoid being redundant word wise).

    Either way, I’m very excited for you Scott…let us all know when you have worked through all the kinks. I’ll be looking forward towards those five posts per week. :)

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