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Miami To Host Social Networking Conference (Big Players Only)

Miami To Host Social Networking Conference (Big Players Only)

It looks like most of the big boys and girls will be meeting in Miami to discuss the best ways to increase traffic, profits and ego’s (just kidding) on the ever widening industry of social networking.

(Web Host Industry Review) As the largest business event for online personals and Internet communities, the event will address issues on improving individual online business efficiency, identifying new technologies for the space, increasing Web traffic and conversion rates.

Both the Internet Dating Conference and Social Networking Conference will cover issues of business management, marketing and new technologies. Community building, advertising strategies, venture capital, software, video, user generated content, Web 2.0, metrics, mobile, idea generation and coaching will also be discussed.

Last year’s even had well over 300 executives attend the conference, and this one will probably be even larger if not the same size. The line up of speakers is thus far quite impressive, and include Markus Frind of Plenty of Fish, Eric Straus of and Susan Mernit of Yahoo! Personals.

Even Microsoft is sending a speaker to the event (although I think I would prefer someone from Google to attend). Although the list of speakers attending the conference is quite impressive, it is surprising that the list of speakers does not include anyone from the major players of industry, notably Tom Anderson of MySpace or the YouTube kings Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

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The conference is being held in January next year and the price ranges from $750 USD (before November 30th) to $975 at the door. Since I have better things to spend almost a grand on this Christmas season, I probably will not be attending anytime soon, although if any other net citizens will be live blogging this event, let us know in the comment section below.

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  • I’ve not had to pay for a conference in a LONG time due to the fact that most conferences consider bloggers press. I wonder if that will be the case with this one?

    I’m going to Affiliate Summit in Jan and no way will my family accept me being gone twice in one month. Trust me, I’ve already tried w/CES. ;)

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