Mobile Blogging Just Got Better (Mofuse Opens Professional Accounts For Everyone)

Mofuse, a web service dedicated to creating mobile versions of blogs (including one for the iPhone), is discontinuing their pro accounts and is instead giving away all of their premium features to new (and “freebie” users) without charging them a dime.

(MoFuse Blog) As we grow and expand our services we have come to the decision to give you more for less. We have discontinued the Professional version of MoFuse and have passed the once pay-for features to every MoFuse account!

Previously the two major differences between Professional and free accounts was that the former could have their mobile site point to their own domain (example: instead of as well as receive 100% of the revenue from advertising (via Admob or Google AdSense).

While it is unclear on what percentage amount of revenue Mofuse plans on sharing with new users, they are grandfathering former Professional users by allowing them to keep 100% of the revenue for their ads.

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(Mofuse) As we grow and expand our services we have come to the decision to give you more for less. Soon we will discontinue the “Pro” version of MoFuse and simply offer the same great service to you – free of charge! However because you are among the most loyal customers of MoFuse, you will be given a special status. This means you are part of an exclusive group that will always keep 100% of your revenue from either Google AdSense or AdMob and we will continue to host your unique domain forever – all free of charge. No one else will be granted this benefit. It’s our way of saying “Thank You” for signing up early and making MoFuse your choice when it comes to hosting your mobile site.

With mobile advertising heating up (thanks in part to the iPhone), bloggers may want to consider establishing their presence in the “mobilesphere” as it may present another opportunity to spread their influence–not to mention make a little extra cash on the side.

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