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Saying Farewell to the Blog Herald

Saying Farewell to the Blog Herald

On March 15, 2007 I wrote my first article for The Blog Herald. It was a very basic piece about fair use and blogging, sticking to my “home field” of copyright and blogging legal issues. Since then, nearly every Monday, I’ve written a column, well over 125 total.

During all of this time, I made a lot of great friends and covered a lot of topics. Though I started in just the legal field, I quickly branched out into other areas that might be of interest to bloggers including WordPress-related news as well was tips, tricks and applications that I discovered as well as blogging news.

However, today is the day where I announce that my time with the Blog Herald is now at an end. It has been a wonderful two-and-a-half years, but a lot has changed in that time. The biggest change is that, in August, I joined, a Web startup I now manage that deals with practical copyright enforcement. It is that project that now takes up the bulk of my time.

As the year winds down to a close, with Paul Scrivens taking over as SplashPress’ Media Publisher and a bright future ahead for the Blog Herald, as well as all of SplashPress’ sites, the time has come for me to step aside both to focus on my new ventures and make room for the new faces and ideas to come to the site.

So, in this, my last column for the Blog Herald, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks to everyone who has helped me over the years here, especially Mark Saunders for taking a chance on an unknown bloggers such as myself, the many editors I have worked with over the years here at the Blog Herald and the other writers here who I have worked with proudly.

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Thank you very much everyone for two and a half great years and I’m looking forward to seeing what great things come from the Blog Herald in the coming months and years.

I may not be writing my usual Monday columns, but I will definitely be around…

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  • Well, Jonathan, I’m sure you know this isn’t a good bye, but more of a thank you. Your columns have educated more freelancers than you’ll ever know and I’ll always consider your works among my top resources. I’ll miss you here, but will continue to follow you around the blogosphere.

    My best wishes…


  • Thank you, Jonathan- for your kind words and all your great work- not just here at BH, but also at other sites & advice behind the scenes. Here is wishing you a successful 2010 in all your endeavors!!

  • I have been reading your articles longer than you have been on Blog Herald. Scary how March of 2007 seems like a few months ago. Your Plagiarism Today site has helped more people than you can ever know. Good luck with your latest venture Jonathan!

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