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10 Minute Blog Tips: Why a Dragnet Approach Makes a Lousy Blogger

10 Minute Blog Tips: Why a Dragnet Approach Makes a Lousy Blogger

Do you remember the catch phrase? “Just the facts, Ma’am” This might work in the fictional world of crime-fighting, but in blogging the only thing you are going to catch with that approach is some sleep.

Today’s 10 Minute Tip?

How to impart information without sedating your audience …

The first problem with the “just the facts” approach is it is lifeless. Picture your least-favourite school teacher droning on, reciting list after list with no more enthusiasm than you feel. Not inspiring is it? Inject some personality into your writing

  • Humour
  • Anecdote
  • Story
  • Drama

Another tactic you can use is to stimulate the readers imagination.

Get your reader to recall a scene, paint a picture in their minds, the more multi-sensual the better – wide-screen with stereo audio. Bring the information to life, animated, exaggerated.

As well as livening up the content you have to put it in some sort of context. You don’t want to just stream data, make it relevant. Show it is information they can use.

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People recall facts best when they are related in some way to knowledge they already possess. How does this new information relate to something your reader will already know and understand? Connect the new information to an established idea.

There are some things that aren’t exactly universal but many of your readers will understand. Is it something once learned you will never forget, like riding a bike? Or could it be something with a lot of ingredients, like baking a cake?

Most important, put yourself in your readers shoes. How would you like the information presenting? That bit of extra care and attention could make all the difference to your reader understanding and most important, finding your information useful.

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