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New Notable Firefox Add-on

New Notable Firefox Add-on

Everyday I find myself adding more and more apps to my Firefox experience. The latest is notable. It’s name? Notable.

An add-on for Firefox 3, the app lets you capture Web pages for feedback with a single click. You can leave notes for yourself or ask others for their opinions.

Notes can be left on the Website screenshot, the code or the copywriting. That makes this tool useful for designers, writers and fans.

Upon download, an icon is added to the FF toolbar. When you push it, you will hear the sound of a camera click and a black box will appear. This is where you launch Notable. A new screen will open, if you choose it to, where you can leave notes. These can later be shared with friends, e-mailed to yourself, or downloaded as a PDF file.

Pages that you deem as “notable” are then added to a workspace – in essence – folders that you create to organize your data. These can be used for collaboration data or individual projects.

If you choose to share data, you will need to have those individuals added to your contact list. What seems to be missing which would be nice is a contact import feature. Additionally, it would be nice if each notable snapshot generated a URL that could be shared with the general public.

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My initial impression of Notable is very positive. This could be a neat way to track your favorite blogs, discover new ones, and solicit feedback on everything from design to content.

Get up to 3 users and 1 private workspace for free. Anything more than that will run you $44 – $119 a month.

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