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3 Blog Niches That Are Sure to Be Profitable

3 Blog Niches That Are Sure to Be Profitable


It seems like everyone has a blog these days. If you’ve thought about starting a blog of your own (and maybe making some extra money from it), you’ll want to choose the right topic for the site.

You want a topic you care about other people will want to read about. Finding your niche can be hard, but once you do, you’ll see your blog grow in popularity right before your eyes.

Why choose a niche blog

The Internet is full of advice when it comes to starting a blog. Some might say you have to keep your website broad to attract as many readers as possible, while others argue that you should choose a specific topic and be one of the only websites that addresses that particular area of interest.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog that you hope to profit from, you’re likely to find more success if you find a niche. Here’s why:

Choosing a niche blog means you can write what you want

A blog takes a lot of time and effort to build and maintain, so you might as well enjoy it. If you choose a niche you’re passionate about, you’ll enjoy creating content for the site and your readers will be more excited because you’ll attract people who actually care about the topic.

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You can have more specific advertisements

The ad space on your blog is valuable, and you’ll want to get the most out of it. Having a specific blog will attract advertisers and sponsors whose products will appeal especially to your readers. That leads to more click-throughs and more profit from those ads.

If you get tired of your website, you can sell it for profit

If you create a blog, build up its reputation and bring in a steady stream of readers and even advertisers, you may eventually choose to sell it. If you do find yourself getting tired of your blog or just don’t have the time to keep up with it, selling can be a viable option.


Finding your own niche

There are tons of niche blogs that, perhaps unexpectedly, found their audience and proved the activity is more profitable and enjoyable than a blog that tries to include a little bit of everything. The possibilities are endless when choosing a topic for your blog, but here are some areas that have found incredible success and you may consider when you’re starting your own site.

1. Fashion blogs

A fashion blog allows you to go where a magazine can’t. It can be very personal — you can post pictures of yourself in daily outfits — or you can blog about fashion news, share other people’s fashion ideas, offer tips for affordable fashion, or even get as specific as themed outfits based off movies, TV shows, books, or even music. Fashion blogs also lend themselves to great ad space for clothing websites if you can bring in a steady flow of web traffic.

2. All things nerdy

There are a million movie websites, but blogs and websites focusing on nerd culture go far beyond that. Whether your thing is video games, comic books, art, music, TV, anime, movies, or anything else nerdy, you shouldn’t have trouble finding your audience.

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3. A cooking website

If you love to cook, take your recipe book to the web and share your kitchen creations with the world. Maybe you enjoy specialized recipes like vegan or gluten-free cooking, or maybe you enjoy photographing food. If you can find your area of expertise in the kitchen you can probably find readers to share your recipes with online.

The essential point is that you should write what you know. You may be surprised to find that your area of expertise has a huge audience just waiting for you.

Don’t hold yourself back with the fear that nobody’s interested in what you want to blog about; no matter how specific it is, there are sure to be people out there who share your interests. If you’re passionate about your blog, produce quality content, and are able to find your voice and write to your audience, readers from whatever niche you choose will find their way to your site.

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  • any niche where you can teach others something is bound to be a success. So any How To blog will be profitable aswell. thanks for the post

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