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5 Ways To Revamp Your 40 Hour Work Week

5 Ways To Revamp Your 40 Hour Work Week

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Have you been dreaming about ditching the grind of a 40 hour work week? Fantasizing about creating your own schedule, being your own boss and kissing that morning commute goodbye? While many believe this will also just a be a fantasy, I’m here to tell you that is could totally become reality. It is possible. If you have the determination and the motivation to keep yourself productive and meeting goals, then there are plenty of ways you can start your road revamping that work week.

Build Your Own Business

This seems like an obvious step. Perhaps you have a knack for creating things? Now, we are talking things that people will want to buy. Turning your hobby into a lucrative business is easier than you think. From jewelry making to graphic design, find something you excel out and figure out how to turn it into an irresistible product to sell for profit. There is a business catchphrase that you have probably heard before. “Keep it simple, stupid.” Take a page from economy expert, Scott Gerber, who lives by this phrase.

“If you idea is not simple, you’re stupid. Build a business that is nuts and bolts practical and not complex, explains Gerber. “Create a simplified product or service that sells X product to Y customer for Z profit.”

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Find A Home Business Idea With No Start-Up Cost

Maybe you are at a loss of product to create. You want to work at home now and you want an idea with no start-up cost. There are plenty of successful examples of businesses that can have working in your pajamas in no time. The most obvious of these are becoming a blogger or freelance writer. You can practically build an empire sitting in front of your computer. You will have to put time and effort in to ensure your success, but you will be your own boss and call the shots.

Just Look Around You

Take a moment and think about all of the things that are around you that you could sell for profit. The Internet has made it ridiculously easy to make money from reselling stuff you no longer need. From kid’s clothing to electronics and everything in between, it is as easy as signing up for reputable consignment website, such as Listia or Poshmark. Of course, there are literally hundreds more. I’ve even heard of people scoping out other people’s garage sales and consignments sales to find stuff to resale. You might not make millions, but there is definitely money to be made.

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Do Someone Else’s Work

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There are thousands of professionals, business owners and budding entrepreneurs who need help with everyday tasks to free up their valuable time. What if I told you that you could make money by completing these tasks? Yes, you would be working for someone else, but you get to call the shots and decide what and when you work. The newly coined “on demand workforce” had exploded on the work-at-home scene. As an “on-demand worker,” you are basically a freelance worker that picks up odd gigs when the timing and price is right. Take the concept of driving for Uber, you work when you want. However, the industry is much bigger than being a personal taxi service. From getting groceries and making phone calls to proofreading documents and designing letterheads, professionals are looking for people who are willing to take some of these tasks off of their plate. There are plenty of online websites that will allow you register and begin looking for tasks that meet your area of expertise, such as Australian-based, Workfast On Demand Work. Employers post jobs with their paying price and if you are interested, you simply request for the job and the employers picks the best prospect. Once you have completed the gig, you are paid securely and safely through the website. You can work as much or as little as you want, we recommend as much as possible!

Digital Earning

Once again, the Internet has made it easy to find a stay-at-home job. Whether you want a side hustle or a lucrative income, digital earning could help you make a little extra to fuel those other money-making plans of yours. By reviewing products, sharing your opinions and completing surveys, you can earn quite a bit of money and sometimes other fun rewards. Many successful digital earners recommend Swagbucks and CashCrate. However, a simple Google search will uncover thousands of possibilities.

The flexibility to become your own boss is out there. Do some research, find what you are passionate about and find a way to do something you love. There is no point in working yourself to the ground doing something you hate. Also, always be mindful that some work-at-home opportunities could be too good to be true. There are many scams and schemes out there, so be careful. Good luck in following your dream of ditching that traditional work week!

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  • Nice post Meagan,

    Sometimes, after a while, the 9-5 office job can overpower your life (leaving little time for other things you want to do).

    If that’s the case, working for yourself may be the golden ticket since you should pursue what you love to do in life.

    These 5 options are great to change the way you work. I use #2 since I am a blogger, it’s such a great opportunity. :)

    Take care,


  • There are also a number of regular jobs that have either four ten hour shifts, the ability to work from home, or the ability to choose your own hours. Definitely a perk to keep an eye on.

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