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7 Useful WordPress Database Backup VIDEO Tutorials 2013

7 Useful WordPress Database Backup VIDEO Tutorials 2013

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Life is unpredictable and you never know what surprises it stores up for you! What if one day you woke up and found out that:

  • your web site was hacked,
  • you deleted some important web site files by mistake, or
  • your database got corrupted?

Sounds a little bit paranoid? Probably it does, but the best surprise is the one you are prepared for! Is there any solution? Of course, there is! The best thing you can do in this case is to backup your WordPress database. If you do this, you will always have a copy of your WordPress site at hand and you will be able to restore your web site in a moment any time you need.

There are numerous database backup tutorials on the web. You can choose any but if you are tired of long texts, video tutorials are your choice. So, today we’re going to prepare your WordPress database to face any possible surprises. In other words, we are going to offer you 7 useful database backup video tutorials.

The first one we’d like to present is a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to backup your WordPress database with the help of a free and easy to use plug-in called WP-DB-Backup. Just two steps and you are done! As simple as a pie!

WordPress Database Backup Tutorial 1

Duplicator! Sounds impressing, does not it? That’s the plug-in used for WP database backup in the following video. Do you know you how to backup, clone or duplicate your WordPress site? Not yet? Right now you have a nice chance to find all the instructions in one video. Just find 5 minutes to watch it.

WordPress Database Backup Tutorial 2

Don’t have 5 minutes? Then you may watch this tutorial. It lasts only 1 minute and 39 seconds! It’s short but informative! The plug-in used for backup in this video is WordPressBackup – an extremely easy-to-remember name!

WordPress Database Backup Tutorial 3

This is a cute though very informative video tutorial.  The plug-in used in this tutorial is UpdraftPlus Backup plug-in. It has one peculiar feature – it creates 4 separate backup files for your WP plug-ins, themes, uploads and any other directories of your site. So you may choose which file you are going to download. As a bonus this tutorial contains additional instructions on how to backup your WordPress site via your hosting control panel.

WordPress Database Backup Tutorial 4

In fact, you don’t have to install dozens of plug-ins – one for any possible action you need to perform as there are ‘all-in-one plug-ins’. Usually they include a list of useful options. This video shows you the way to use one of such plug-ins that is in fact a security plug-in called All in One WP Security plug-in.

See Also

WordPress Database Backup Tutorial 5

In this video you’ll find instructions on how to back up your WP web site using BackupBuddy plug-in – it’s not a free one but they say it’s worth the money you pay. Just a couple of clicks to install this plug-in and you can use it to make a complete backup of your site database.

WordPress Database Backup Tutorial 6

If you don’t feel like adding any plug-ins to your WordPress, so you may find this video tutorial really helpful. No plug-in installations! All the instruments you need are at your hand! Just log in your hosting control panel and use PhpMyAdmin tool. Some web masters believe that it’s not the best database backup option ever but still it has its fans!

WordPress Database Backup Tutorial 7

That’s all I have to share today. I believe that making database backups is something like teeth brushing – it’s an essential part of our lives. You can skip this procedure, but in result you will suffer the consequences!

Diane Parks is a WordPress fan who tries to come to know all the particulars of this CMS. Diane can’t boast of having a long list of posts published but those she wrote were easy-to-read and informative. She always tries to express her thoughts in a simple and friendly manner so that everyone can understand what she means. And by the way, she knows a lot about templates! If you are looking for a clean WordPress theme, ask her where to find it!

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