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Add Google News to Your Blog (But Why?)

Add Google News to Your Blog (But Why?)

Well, why not I guess. Although I wouldn’t recommend the average blogger to jump at the opportunity to add a Google News box, displaying the latest news from a set category, or even various keywords. It might come in handy for niche blogs, product focused blogs, or completely different ones.

Here it is in action:

The box is easily created using the wizard, but there are API options as well.

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Will you make use of this? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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  • I have it installed on While I don’t like to have items on my blog that take readers away, I think it adds a bit of value to the niche factor of the blog.

    It provides a local flavor that you really can’t find from other news sources. Now if they would only include a “open in new window” select!

  • Why Not?

    If you can get Google to rip off free content for your readers without any effort who wouldn’t. The headlines and lead paragraph is often all people need to understand the stories so clicking off a blog with Google News box is less of an issue then one might think.

  • Google News is great because of the organization. You’re also getting recent news so you know you’re probably not missing much. But Google in general could be frustrating because so many great results could be 25 pages in; there are also loads of untrustworthy results. I work for Sweet Search, a new search engine where the results are handpicked by a team of researchers, so you know your getting quality sites, and you’ll find plenty of great sites that might be buried in Google.

  • I think adding google news is a pretty cool feature. I don’t think it belongs on my retail site, but it will definitely fit in nicely with my current blog content. Thanks for the article. I didn’t realize this feature was available until I read your post.

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