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Are You a Blogpreneur?

Are You a Blogpreneur?

There are three kinds of bloggers: the writer who is merely looking for a venue to express themselves with no aspiration for the blog to turn into anything bigger; the blogger who is hoping their blog will turn into some type of business endeavor; and the majority of bloggers, the type who are satisfied with the former but secretly hope for the latter.

I tend to think that most bloggers fall into this group which I’ll dub as blogpreneurs.

How do you know if you qualify?

– Your sidebar is probably littered with widgets and code snippets.

– At some point you’ve experimented with in-line text ads.

– You are running multiple analytic tools.

– You are refreshing Techcrunch and Mashable several times a day.

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– When you see a new feature or function on a blog, you race to figure out how to add it to your own.

– You have business cards (even if they were free!) that direct people to your link.

There are bunches of other signs…please add your picks in the comments section below and keep on blogging!

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  • God bless you all bloggers with lots of money that you all have dreamed.I write only when I feel me / society needs to pay attention to something.(Unfortunately I am restricted to India as I had never been out of India.)

    Not like most of bloggers who are sitting in Indian ally like the one in which I am sitting right now, still writing about how an Europian and Americal should use his gadget and believe me more fun is when I see comments of Americans asking these bloggers on trouble that they get in new gadget. . .that gadget has not reached India yet.

    But my fellow Indian bloggers have “exclusive solutions ” that even companies cant have ;)

  • Your article is write very well, I like it very much ~
    I wish you have a wonderful day!Thank you.

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