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Are You Ready for Banner Advertising?

Are You Ready for Banner Advertising?

This morning I got screwed. An advertiser that I have on one of my blogs is refusing to pay for two months since they never faxed over a signed insertion order.

Even though the banner runs every month, I let some simple paperwork slip through the cracks.

After my face flushed red with aggravation, I took a step back, and take responsibility that the mess is my fault. Like you, I’m juggling 50 concurrent projects. And somehow, I let one of the important ones – making money – get away from me.

Selling banner slots on your own is often the most profitable for many bloggers. But as I just learned the hard way, you must be willing to do the legwork of making sure paperwork is in order, following up to get paid, etc.

I’ve now come up with a simple insertion order and invoice template that I will use going forward. I will also mark my calendar and set a reminder to make sure all ducks are in a row before I let an ad run. I suggest you do the same, even if you’ve yet to sell a single slot. (While you’re at it, create a rate card too).

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I’m not sure how you go about your advertising business, but use my mistake as a reminder to be prepared.

Oh, and before you suggest that I tell the advertiser to take a walk, I need them a lot more than they need me. So I’ll take the hit in order to ensure future buys.

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  • I have been struggling with the same issue for a long time. I am always late with sending my invoices, which in turn means I receive the payments sometimes only after the new term has started.

    Therefore I am looking into using Zoho invoice, which should help me set up automatically recurring invoices.

  • There´s a lot of paper work involved when selling advertising from a blog.I have noticed that some bloggers have automated the process.There is a plugin for WordPress called OIOpublisher that they use.

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