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Are You Rushing Your Blog?

Are You Rushing Your Blog?

A recurring theme from people who contact me through my blog or post in blogging forum threads is that bloggers are often frustrated at their own apparent lack of progress.

You will see the same advice is often given. Make sure you have a good foundation of flagship content. Get yourself out there, be useful, and most of all give it time.

Time is an often overlooked ingredient but it is critical. Check out this quote from Leo at FreelanceSwitch

You can’t give away 10 great articles on your blog, and expect to see increased business overnight. It takes time for you to establish credibility, to reach a wider audience, to prove yourself, to build up a library of useful resources. Give it a year, at least. Sure, some have done it in less time, but if you go out with the intention of accomplishing everything in a few months, you’ll probably fail. Shoot for long-term success.

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Yes some blogs seem to come out of nowhere. Leo is one example, Performancing is another. When we launched it took a lot of people by surprise, landing us a number 15 spot in the Technorati 100 within months. Neither of these cases are typical though, in fact most blogs take a good 6 months to a year to really get traction.

If you are not seeing the progress you would like, focus on building your content and getting to know fellow bloggers through commenting, linking out and networking. Stick at it, it’s a marathon not a sprint :)

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  • Hi,

    This is a good tip to keep mental health for new bloggers.

    Too much rushing to ‘fill’ your blog will create a new type of stress ‘BLOGGING STRESS’. New bloggers must be aware of it before giving up blogging due to blogging stress and depression.

    Learn to keep the blogging as pleasure and not pressure.

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