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Avoiding the Sleaze on Twitter

Avoiding the Sleaze on Twitter

Every day now I am hearing about the latest “revolutionary, automated, turn Twitter into an ATM cash machine autopilot make money in your underpants system” and it is making me sick. What can we do about it?

The simple truth is we can’t stop them, and I guess they are free to say and sell what they like providing they break no laws.

What we can do though is avoid those folks. We can block them. Like trolls, they only grow if we feed them.

After all, their very product involves taking advantage of other Twitter users weaknesses.

Their entire audience will be made up of either

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  1. People who autofollow
  2. People who buy stuff like this

If we are careful to educate our own followers about the sleazy corners of Twitter, and at least unfollow people pushing stuff like this, then maybe the scamsters will wither and die on the vine.

Let me know of any more Twitter sleaze you see or hear about, @chrisgarrett

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  • I’m seeing an unbelievable number of these kinds of people on Twitter. Twitter is not some kind of marketplace for people to sell their crap on, but some people don’t seem to understand them, especially “social media experts”.

  • Unfortunately this sort of “sleaze” is being preached far and wide within the realtor community right now. And most realtors don’t “get” twitter. It’s short & sweet. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s casual networking, not “sell, sell, sell” networking. Share your personality first and foremost, and your profession only occasionally…

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