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Bloggers Must Always Assume Everything

Bloggers Must Always Assume Everything

You’ve heard the saying before: “If you assume, you make as ass out of you and me.” But in my humble opinion, bloggers MUST assume! Everyday, every post.

ASSUME that your blog will be read by your friends, family and everybody else you have ever known.

ASSUME that if you’re writing under a pseudonym, you will be found out.

ASSUME that if you’re posting to your blog at work, your boss is on to you; it could cost you your job.

ASSUME that there’s no such thing as an anonymous comment.

ASSUME that you will work hard and that the promise of a “pay off” is remote.

ASSUME that at one time or another, you will question if you should give up blogging.

ASSUME that you’ll be a bad blogger and experience a stretch where you do not meet your editorial goals.

ASSUME that what you’re writing about has already been covered – but write it anyway – in your own special way.

ASSUME that some people will be intrigued and impressed with your blogging.

ASSUME that other people won’t understand why you choose to blog.

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ASSUME that your blog could go on without you.

ASSUME that the Web would go on without you.

ASSUME that the next post you write could bring in 1,000 new readers.

ASSUME that the next post you write could cost you 1,000 readers.

THINK before you blog – and make plenty of assumptions.

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  • I know mine is read by family members, and mostly by family members who have an axe to grind against me and mine.

    I’ve had a boss react to my blog before. He blew up so badly that everyone in the room looked at him like his head was spinning 360 degrees and spewing projectile vomit while cursing the name of Jesus Christ. The only comment after that was “holy $hi7… what the hell was wrong with that guy?”

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