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Can You Explain Twitter in 140 Characters or Less?

Can You Explain Twitter in 140 Characters or Less?

Are there some people who will just never get Twitter?

My wife asked me several weeks ago to explain “that Twitter thingy” and my answer barely satisfied her.

My barber asked me last week and I can tell he instantly regretted the question. And I regretted the haircut.

I might be able to ward off my wife and the dude with the scissors, but at work, where I’m the go-to social media guy, I am being pressed for answers.

I’ve been faced with what has turned out to be a fairly difficult task at work: explaining exactly what Twitter is to an older generation of folks.

Memos, presentations, projectors…and I’m still not convinced they get it.

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Of course they are mostly interested in the bottom line. How they can leverage the craze and turn tweets into dollars.

Normally I can articulate fairly complex operations to just about anyone. But I recognize when I’m coming up short. That’s why I need your help!

In Twitter fashion – in under 140 characters – give me your best Twitter description. Your explanation should try to encompass the micro-blogging platform’s purpose and societal impact.

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