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Conference Hopping by Proxy with Twitter

Conference Hopping by Proxy with Twitter

In my post on getting the most out of Twitter the other day I mentioned that the service has developed into being a great source of information and links that you would otherwise miss out on. This week I have seen great evidence for this in the form of lots of Tweets coming out of the Blog World Expo.

Lisa Barone has been posting and tweeting regular updates from the sessions over at the Blog . She has made excellent notes and injected her own humor and commentary. It’s the next best thing to being there! Here is a choice selection, do follow the links and read the full posts to see who said what and why :)

Creating a Powerblogging Toolset

If you’re not first, you can be the smartest.

Tris says one of things that bugs people the most about TechMeme is that when a big story breaks there’s 30 different posts but no one is saying anything new. If you can’t add any value to a discussion, don’t even bother commenting on it. Your readers can read that anywhere. Your readers what to know that Apple said this and this is why you care about it. They’re looking for the opinion.

Amping Up Your WordPress Blog

Firefox has a great plugin called Firebug. It shows you exactly how your site is loading, how long it takes, at how the images are being loaded, how the CSS is formatted, etc. Brian calls it an “essential tool”, especially if you’re doing other Web design work.

Survival Tips for Network Bloggers

Set dedicated work hours. It’s easy when you work at home to work constantly. Set hours and stick to them. Do not blog from bed. Have an office or a desk that is dedicated to your work. It will help keep you organized.

Opening Keynote: Matt Mullenwag

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The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself; And How To Do It

the one universal thing is that you have to find what’s unique about you and you have to love what you’re blogging about. You have to find that topic that you absolutely cannot NOT blog about. When you find that topic it just flows naturally. You’re thinking about your next blog post in the shower, while you’re putting your kids on the bus, etc.

Building Your Online Reputation

It’s about positioning yourself as a thought leader. A thought leader is communicating via online content, public speaking, blogs, media interviews, podcast, white papers, strategic partnerships, books, articles, etc. You want to be findable the moment users are looking for you.

Are you using Twitter to keep up with events? Have you any good quotes to share from Blog World or any other conference? Are you at Blog World now? Please share in the comments …

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