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Do YOU Read Blogs Over the Weekend?

Do YOU Read Blogs Over the Weekend?

With the majority of the world’s workforce logging hours Monday through Friday, I’m curious to know how many people out there read blogs during the weekend.

Since I often see a dip in traffic, I usually use the time to pre-write several posts for the coming week rather than post new content. However, there have been rare occasions where I’ve posted on the weekend and been pleasantly surprised by traffic. These posts, however, often leverage a current event.

There are several factors, including what the subject matter of your blog is, and if you are covering a niche that is active on a particular day/time.

Personally, I do not read many blogs over the weekend. In general, since I’m anchored to my desk and the computer during the week, I try to limit my Web activity (as best a born again blogging geek can!).

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So fellow blogger, what happens to your traffic during the weekend and how does this shift affect your blogging habits? Do you read more or less blogs over the weekend?

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  • Traffic to our blog starts to decline on Thursday, with Saturday being our slowest day. Things start to pick up on Sunday, with a peak on Monday. Then things level off until Thursday. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Pretty much the same pattern on my blog as well, Monday – Wednesday tend to be the most read days, while weekends are my catch-up and “research” days :-) Good question!

  • Traffic slows on weekends, but I publish every day. I have more spare time on weekends (duh) so I often use the time to sketch out posts for the week.

  • I have definitely noticed that the weekdays (particularly Tuesday through Thursday) perform best for me. There is a definite drop in traffic on the weekends, and my numbers become just awful if I don’t post at all on the weekends.

    Usually I just post something short and sweet on the weekends (leftovers, if you will), and use the extra time to plan for the following week, do some writing, twitter, etc.

  • Looking at both my personal blogs and business blogs, there is no pattern of traffic. I read blogs everyday.

  • Really it just depends on what the previous week was like. Sometimes early, early Saturday & Sunday mornings are the best time to brew some coffee and catch up on blogs while the rest of the house is still sound asleep.

    But I find I usually do more writing or prepping for blog posts during the week.

  • I read every day of the week, so Sundays are usually a little boring, since most people seem to think like you do, that weekends don’t need new content.

  • I have no day off for reading. On weekends I even read with a vengeance as the day job and other concerns compete with reading and writing on weekdays.

    I post every other day. I don’t care if the posting day falls on a Saturday. I will just have to publish it. I do this only because I’m still relatively new at blogging – a mere 5-month track record.

    Maybe when I hit the 1,000 posts, I’d take it easy on weekends. But for now? Back to putting my nose to the grind stone. Every day.

  • Hello

    I dont read over the weekend and come in to work on a Monday to a google reader full of interesting (and not so) blogs to work my way through.

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