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Figure out the Best Hashtags to Use With These Tips

Figure out the Best Hashtags to Use With These Tips

Best hashtags to use
Image – Anna Creech, Flickr.
The value of a great hashtag is vastly understated in the social media marketing scene, even though they’re becoming more and more common. People, businesses and brands can benefit greatly from having one that is memorable, impactful and useful in more than one setting. Choosing a truly great hashtag for your social media outlets, however, isn’t as easy as some might think. There are some key components to finding the best hashtags to use. Read about some of those below.

Make the hashtag unique

Be sure to research the hashtag you’re considering using before making it a focal point of your social media campaign. I don’t care if you’re the Louisiana Organization for Lollipops, #lol will not be a fruitful hashtag for you on any social media platform. The best hashtags to use are ones that aren’t already being used already, or at least not used very frequently. Type the hashtag you’re thinking about into the search engines of all the social networks you’re using to ensure that you’re not stepping on another trend’s toes.

Make the hashtag short

Social media users are extremely fickle, and probably won’t exert the energy to remember a hashtag that’s too long. The best hashtags to use are ones that are pretty short. They should generally be no longer than 3 or 4 words. There are some exceptions to that rule, though. One of those is if you…

Make the hashtag catchy

A long hashtag is forgivable if the phrase is a popular one or, better yet for the sake of uniqueness, a catchy one that you made up on your own. Think about alliteration, assonance, rhymes and more literary techniques when considering the perfect hashtag for your business, person or brand. The best hashtags to use are ones that are remembered, and making your hashtag catchy is a great way to stick it in social media users’ minds.
Best hashtags to use.
Image – Ken Varnum, Flickr.

Make the hashtag relatable

The best hashtags to use are the ones that make readers go “Uh-huh!” Dig deep to find a word or phrase that feels relatable to the people reading your post. Your hashtag is a winner if it makes others feel closer to you, your business or your brand. Do your best to make some sort of connection in around four words or less.

Make the hashtag universal

While you want your hashtag to be relatable, you also don’t want to make it too individualized. Rather, make your hashtag feel universal, or at least universal to your audience. Don’t just go after a small subset of them, unless that’s all you’re really trying to attract with the posts that utilize that particalular hashtag. The best hashtags to use mean something to a large number of people, not just a handful.

Make the hashtag malleable

This is pretty tricky, but the very best hashtags to use are ones that can mean more than one thing. Nike’s slogan “Just do it,” for example, refers to both getting out for exercise and going out to buy Nike products. If at all possible, your hashtag should be similarly malleable. That’s yet another way to create a successful social media hashtag


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