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Great Blog Domain Names…Wasted

Great Blog Domain Names…Wasted

Folks who own a Web site know how difficult it is to find that perfect name. While a great .com moniker does not guarantee success – it certainly doesn’t hurt.

So isn’t it a shame when you search for your dream domain only to find that it’s already owned. Worse yet, you visit the site only to find out that the owner is not utilizing the name well…or at all!

While BlogHerald is a swell name, I was curious about other blog-related names that are not being used as well. As you can imagine there is no shortage.

Here are a few I came across that have me perplexed. Maybe the owners are just hanging out waiting to get their price. – A blog hosting company I have never heard of. – Nothing but shady ads – Nothing – registered in Tokyo – A UK-based individual’s blog – Google is doing nada with it.

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Several premium names being sold: = $5,000 = $20 = $200 = $10,000

Are there any blog domain names you have come across that you wish were being used in a better way?

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  • Haven’t done any exploring of other domains, but some jackal offered to sell me the .com and .org variants on my .net domain. I told him I’d had first choice and hadn’t picked them then, so why should I pay him now?

  • I bet someone might snap up for a couple hundred bucks.

    Unfortunately, whenever I’ve wanted a domain that a squatter had they wanted thousands :(

  • Just about any decent gets squatted these days. I wanted to write an ebook on a topic and release it on its own mini-site for free but the domain I wanted was taken and the owner wanted $10000 for it (!!!).

  • Lol…yeah, I wanted to use the domain name “”. The “squatter” wanted an insane amount for it. The url is not being used at this time, and hasn’t been for years. I will never understand.

  • Sorry, please disregard that last post (not really a blog specific domain). Here’s one that’s kind of catchy, but not being used:


    both for sale right now on

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  • A lot of the best domain names have, sadly, been wasted. People register them, park them, and display advertisements. It’s tragic. Obtaining them also tends to cost a small fortune.

    Watch everyone go nuts when .co becomes available in a few weeks… It will be like men climbing over one another to get access to the last fertile woman on the planet.

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