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Hack Your Brain for a Better Life, and More Productive Blogging

Hack Your Brain for a Better Life, and More Productive Blogging

MRI scan of the headI saw a link to 15 Ways to Hack Your Brain For A Better Life, and since I’m a productivity maniac I gobbled down the article. It is basically some advice on how to get happier, smarter, and more balanced thanks to things you do to keep a balanced and fresh mind.

The advice is sound, and it also applies to bloggers, especially us full-time ones. Our profession is a mental one rather than physical, which means that the only part of our bodies that get exercised, and again, are our fingers tapping away at the keyboard. Sure, one might say that we’re using our brains all day long as well, but personally I think that is a load of crap, and the fact that we’re staring at monitors for prolonged periods of time probably hurts us more than we’re gaining by wrapping our minds around this and that.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, it is a privilege to be able to do blogging full time, and I do think it is good to challenge your mind. However, no mind will be clear unless the rest of the body is in a good place, and that is not slightly overweight, in a chair, sitting in your boxers, with some sodas by your side!

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What are you doing to keep your mind fresh and at the ready, like the loaded gun it is today, firing verbal bullets of mayhem… ah, you get the point. How do you stay sharp?

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  • Don’t go Ginkgo Biloba! It does increase blood to your brain, but your brain already gets plenty of blood. Research shows it does nothing for memory or cognition and it might increase chance of stroke.

  • Mostly I find just changing up where I happen to be really helps me in coming up with ideas. Sometimes I’ll go for a drive or get some food or something to clear my head, and the ideas come.

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