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10 Ways to Be a Happy Blogger

10 Ways to Be a Happy Blogger


Is this you?

Are you a grouchy blogger?

If you ever find yourself getting down in the dumps about your blogging, here are 10 simple tips on how to feel happier with your blog.

10 Ways to “Forget Your Troubles, C’mon, Get Happy” as a Blogger

  1. Count your blogging blessings. Think for a minute – what has your blog brought to your life that you wouldn’t have had otherwise? What rewarding conversations and relationships have you enjoyed? Write a list of these puppies down and look at it when you’re getting Oscar the Grouchy.
  2. Get Akismet. Or another spam comment destroyer like it. You’ll miss out on so much grouchiness it’s not funny. On second thought, maybe it is …
  3. Vent. Far away from your blog. Get away from all keyboards. Get yourself alone. Look at the wall, a Winnie the Pooh doll, the mirror, whatever. Take a few minutes to gripe, gripe, gripe. Come on now, the real, “Boy, did I drink my pickle juice today or what?” stuff. Complain all you want … to yourself. Then be done with it.
  4. Write your blogging worries and fears down. With your hand. On a piece of paper. Do whatever you want with it – stick it on your wall by your griping mirror, toss it into Oscar’s, er, your trash can – but at least dump those negative things out of your mind and body. And always remember: You matter.
  5. Stop trying to be a perfect blogger. Give up now, while you still can. I promise you, you will never ever become an absolutely perfect blogger as long as you breathe the air of this green earth. Give up the quest for total perfection so you can embark on the quest for sheer excellence, mingled with some “gee, I’m human after all” mistakes.
  6. Focus on people, not numbers. One of Oscar the Grouchy Blogger’s favorite pastimes is to hunker down in his dark garbage can and gaze frowningly upon his statistics. They’re just numbers to him, so even if they are growing, they don’t make him feel any happier. Look at the numbers that matter, of course – just keep in mind that a page view is a person’s page view, a comment is a person’s comment, and a backlink is a person’s backlink. (Okay, okay, so robots do some of that too. But that should only make you more happy about the people who do come to your blog and enjoy it.)
  7. Take out someone else’s trash. Do something nice for another blogger in your field. Take a moment to quietly scratch their back. You’d be surprised how effective this is at making you forget about the grouchy gremlins dancing around the bonfire of your brain.
  8. Think happy thoughts. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, etc. What makes you tick? Dwell on it for a little while. It’s the best way to battle writer’s block (blogger’s block), and it makes all that you do in your blogging become easier.
  9. Waste some time. Crimanittly, I could get in trouble for this tip. But doesn’t worrying constantly about squeezing every last ounce of productivity and effeciency out of every last blogging minute make you feel, well … grouchy? Crotchety is another word for it, and that’s a yucky word for a couple of reasons. But getting back to the point – the point is, maybe what you need in order to cheer up is to just lollygag for a bit. If you’re not sure what to do, find a little kid and ask them. They’re full of ideas on this particular subject. Because wastefulness, in this sense, can sometimes be the most unwasteful thing of all.
  10. Work harder than ever. One of the best ways to be a happier blogger is to fling yourself full speed ahead into the waves crashing upon your shores. Forget about your aches and pains. Just work, work, work. Get in the zone. You know that feeling when you snap out of it, and you look at the clock and you just spent several hours working your tail off and it felt like three seconds? That’s what happy blogging is like.

The Pursuit and Promise of Greater Blogging Happyness

Of course some of these suggestions seem to contradict each other. That’s part of the daily challenge of blogging, and of life as a whole. But as you try to follow these tips and latch onto whatever seems to work well for you, you’ll find yourself feeling happier and more satisfied in your blogging efforts.

And as that happens, you’ll find that you’re making others happier along the way, too.

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What makes you a happier blogger?

Please leave a comment below! Let’s talk about this list and see if we can improve it.

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  • love this post. I think that if blogging is a chore then maybe you’ve lost your passion for the topic. or maybe you just need a little vacation. Some people hesitate to use guest bloggers and, of course, you do need to have confidence in them. but why not take a chance. you read great blogs, ask someone from one of your favorite blogs to guest blog for you. Or look at jokes or cartoons and blog about that.

    the world is a heavy place and the only way I know to get through is with a sense of hummus (ok, that’s bad, humor) and a little help from friends or the kindness of strangers.

    go outside, watch the grass grow, look at some art, listen to some classical music, make cookies, talk to a child. if you try these, you’ll be renewed. If this doesn’t work, try writing 10 things a day you’re grateful for. if you can’t think of 10 things a day for a few weeks, you are NOT paying attention.

  • I love your blog’s masthead, Deborah! :)

    Yes, I missed this one in the post – a good sense of humor. It’s throughout my writing though, I think – little attempts at wordplay, being a bit silly at times … just trying to keep a smile. I know what you’re saying – and I like hummus!

    Seriously, counting one’s blessings or things to be grateful for always helps. You will never run out of things!

  • Taking rest at frequent intervals from blogging also required to be fresh and which helps to deliver quality posts to readers.

  • I am always afraid to write because my English is not good. After read this article, I am not afraid again. thanks to the writer.

  • These are some good tips. Like venkat said, I think it is important to take frequent breaks so you can take a rest and then come back and provide your readers with some high quality posts. Thanks for the tips.

  • Suggestion #6 is a great reminder. It is easy to forget posts are not the great American novel. Sharing something interesting is the key, not perfection.

  • Great tips! I am a happier blogger when I see that my blog(s) has helped another “mommy” blogger, either by giving her a new idea, reassuring her it’s normal to not by a super-mom or to help her beautify her blog.

  • I like to read your tips. Based on personal experience, I rely much on Winnie the Pooh when being so bored of routine tasks at home. I spend time with kids replacing my babysitter, to enjoy coloring the Pooh page together. Thanks buddy. I got some new tips to cope with boringness from you.

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  • What works for me is in the writting content.If there is any one thing that is going to put your mind or the trail of neverland,it is the writng of things that do not stimulate your personal ignition.Write about your true interests,and write with confidence.
    The other thing that works is saying,”I will blog for 5 minutes or so” It seems to me that when you start or set a goal as small as that,you will write longer, happier ,and your mind will begin to bore through the block. JOHN

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