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Has the Recession Changed the Way You Blog?

Has the Recession Changed the Way You Blog?

It’s often said that one of the best ways to keep yourself financially afloat during difficult economic times is by moonlighting while ‘on the clock’ at your full-time job.

Not only do you have the ability to make more money, but you also can fill a creative void that your ‘real’ job does not fill.

Of course this ‘double dipping’ comes with great risk; it could even cost you your job. However, many of you are rolling the dice.

Here at BlogHerald I always like to take the pulse of what my fellow bloggers are thinking. I truly believe the more we can understand one another in this medium, the better we all become.

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So let me ask you this: If you blog at work, do you do it for the love or the money? And has the recession changed your blogging habits?

Be honest. Far too often I read comments from bloggers who are quick to point out that a truly successful blogger does it all out of passion. But the cynic in me finds that hard to swallow. While that’s part of the your motivation, I’m willing to bet that 90% of bloggers want to get paid for their work.

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  • Between a PCs at work, home, notebooks, and a variety of other places/ways I access the Internet, it makes more sense to work in the cloud than on files stored on a local drive. I cut & paste notes, quotes, & other reference materials into Google Docs and then revisit those documents throughout the day/week until I’ve got something worth posting.

    Anyway, I don’t blog at work, but I do sometimes piece together material for, or further refine a working draft that’s on its way to becoming a blog post. Most often though, I’m doing this while waiting on a call back or during on-hold times with support reps or when I otherwise just waiting around.

    However, I don’t blog for bucks, just for the opportunity to share and learn. I’m sure that does make a difference…

  • I used to have about five active and lucrative blogs. Now the revenue on those blogs is almost non-existent, so I am selling the domains. It’s sad, but I do believe in President Obama and remain optimistic.

  • Andrew, we have been blogging for clients and ourselves since it became a relevant method of online marketing. We have seen a decline in conversion on the actual blogs, however an increase in relevance, brand and conversion for the advertiser who we are promoting. We believe this demonstrates that consumers are conducting more in depth research process in an attempt to make educated decisions with their spending. In the long term, revenue will return for the small blog owner.

  • I have 2 blogs in financial services that were making an average of $60 a day between them but with the recession and the fact that I hate the subject (I know but it’s what I know and understand because of my day job) I have not been writing any new stuff and they are down to just $2 or $3 a day and it just doesn’t seem worth it. Passionate about them? Not a chance my friend and wish I could do something else.

  • Of course blogger want to be paid from what their work, I want to be paid too, for me when I’m start my own blog of course I want to make money from it but what I’m relies is, to make money it’s need hard work and consistence so now I’m blogging just for my hobby, because I don’t that two thing.

  • I think everyone dreams of having a successful career doing what they love to do… Its just that we have to offer something unique to be paid well. Nobody wants to buy something that can be bought a dime a dozen.

  • First off, I am unemployed and live at home, with that said, blogging while at work is the perfect way to get your employers attention when they could be thinking about layoffs, but if I were working, I wouldn’t do it, its not worth it, but I would blog more in my free time.

    Second, now, has the recession changed the way I blog? Yes, of course it has, I blog because I have a passion for it, however I also blog because I make money from my blog, in somecases, I feel I have to blog even when I have nothing to say because I have ads on my blog, although, in the same right, the extra blogging has made me a better writer.

    Basically, I blog for the passion of it, because its good theraphy for day to day life and I blog because I make money from my blog and I am not affraid to say it.

  • Actually the recession has caused me to blog. I never thought about having one until I started noticing interesting recession related sights. I wanted to document these sights and my friend suggested a photo blog. It is a great way for me to share my pictures and I would not do it at work but I do take pictures on the way to and from work.

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