How Long Are You Willing to Listen or Watch Blog Content?

Lately, video and podcasting blogs are making a huge inroad in popularity. A common question I’m asked at workshops and speaker gigs is how long a podcast or blog video should be.

I thought I knew the answer: thirty minutes. That is what works for me. An hour long program means that I typically have to pay attention to it in two sections since I rarely have that much free time in one chunk. But that’s not the answer I got from those I talked to.

Most people have told me that they enjoy 45 to 60 minute shows on their favorite blogs with multimedia. They listen to them while driving, running, jogging, exercising, and working, and a few even while relaxing instead of spending time with television.

But what about you? How long is long enough for you for a podcast or blog video? Are you willing to listen to a podcast longer than watch a video? Or the reverse?

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If you are a podcaster or video blogger, have you found some trends in time lengths that work best for you and your blog?

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  • 15 to 45 minutes if okay with me for some podcasts, because I spend a LOT of time driving every day.

    On some other podcasts, 30 seconds would seem like an eternity.

    Good content = lotsa time to listen

    Boring content=gotta go

  • I hate video blogs. I really, really hate them. I can read many times faster than anyone can talk. And if someone’s presenting useful information that I’d like to keep for reference, I’d have to sit in front of the video and take notes. Grossly inefficient.

    If they’re demonstrating how to do something, and if watching a demo makes the process clearer, OK. But to just substitute a video for good, clear writing? No. No. A thousand times no.

    I listen to podcasts, but only for entertainment. There are a lot of good audio dramas out there, rivaling the best of the golden age of radio. Next best way to engage the imagination–after reading!

  • I prefer to read a blog, plain and simple. Unless it’s a podcast or internet radio show that is interviewing a favorite blogger. I might make the exception for that, but nothing replaces the written word. THAT is what blogging is all about.

  • I, too, am getting frustrated with the amount of content that is now being offered in video form that should just be text. A video has about 15-30 seconds to convince me that I should watch it in real time rather than reading something that tells me the same thing.

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