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How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Blog Followers

How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Blog Followers

As a blogger, social media is probably the most effective channel for reaching a larger audience. Truth be told, optimising for search engine traffic is not the easiest and cheapest thing to do, especially for new blogs. Websites take weeks to be indexed for new search terms – let alone reach page one where all the traffic is. But through social media, you can dramatically increase your blog’s visibility and get significantly quicker results.

This isn’t to say that SEO is not an essential aspect of establishing an online presence. It is still a great long-term strategy. But for now, let’s talk about getting your blog some legit followers with social media. And no, it’s not through Facebook and Twitter; the largest social networks on the internet. It’s with one of the fastest growing social networks since last year – Instagram.

Isn’t Instagram just for Breakfasts and Coffee?

When we think about Instagram, we picture filtered images of people’s breakfasts, selfies, and short animal videos. But did you know that it is also a great platform for online marketers for driving traffic and increasing followers for their blogs?

Blogging & Instagram may not be the first combination that comes into the mind, especially for a professional website in need of traffic. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.
Content marketing through visual has always been substantially more effective for engagement in social networks. It’s true that a larger network like Facebook can help you reach a greater number of audiences, but you can gain 58 times more engagement per follower on Instagram. And if you want your visitors to turn into long-term followers, engagement is far more valuable than reach.

Promoting Your Instagram Account

It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of boosting your blog with Instagram. First, you should make sure that you are linking to your blog from your Instagram account. You can add one clickable URL to your blog right in your Instagram bio. Remember that links are not clickable in a caption or comment, so it should be in the bio.

Also use your own professional photo or your blog’s logo for your Instagram. You want your followers to recognize your brand as much as possible. Also try to make your bio short and sweet as to maximize the visibility of your URL. Lastly, don’t forget to check how your profile looks on a mobile device.

Next, you should define your ideal audience and adopt a content strategy based on their preferences.

Based on statistics, Instagram users prefer specific image filters which may also increase the number of re-shares and generate more followers. Here are said filters:

X-Pro II

In some niches, the use of infographics and images that include text garner more engagement, like poetry and motivational fitness quotes. For this purpose, you should use an image editing tool like Canva. To present more in-depth information with infographics while maintaining a visual appeal, it’s often better to rely on a professional infographic designer.

Hashtags are also used to make Instagram posts more discoverable to your target audience. Just be sure to choose your hashtags wisely. There is statistical evidence that using three or more hashtags reduces post engagement. So to maximize user interaction rate, limit your hashtags to only one or two.


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Remember to aim for hashtags that are already popular in your field to increase the exposure of your content. It is also a good idea to stick to the hashtags you are already using in other social networks such as Twitter and Google+.

Another way to quickly promote awareness to your blog is to follow your ideal audience, starting with users who have established followers. This will give them a chance to follow you back if they are interested in your content.

Optimising Your Blog for Instagram

After optimising your Instagram account, make sure that your own blog site will not disappoint your visitors. Remember that most users access their Instagram accounts through the mobile app. To make their experience streamlined when going to your blog, make sure that your website is completely responsive.

Don’t forget to integrate your Instagram as well as other social media accounts in your blog. In addition to social media and sharing buttons in your site, you may use a plugin such as Instagram Feed for WordPress for live updates.

One of the most overlooked advantages of Instagram is that it allows bloggers to establish closer relationships with their followers. You can further nurture trust and establish your authority by occasionally posting about simple moments in your life.

Remember that blogging opens up a window for others to see and appreciate your creative soul. Moments like your dog’s morning face, your fancy family dinner, or a beautiful sunset will make your blog more believable.

Are You Using Instagram Embed Enough on Your Blog?

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  • Instagram is perfect platform to promote your products and services. But to make a real boost you need a booster (logic ha-ha). So, I use for that purpose and have a great results with that. But remember that you should mix it with classical way to get more followers.

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