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Is Bad SEO Undermining Your Great Content?

Is Bad SEO Undermining Your Great Content?

seo mistakes undermining blogs

We all know SEO is important, especially for blogs because they get new content regularly. However, if you haven’t educated yourself enough on SEO, then simple mistakes may have a will long-lasting impact on your blog, even though you may have great content.

Even though you may consider yourself in the writing industry, if your content is being published online, then you also need to become an SEO expert. Otherwise, you risk undermining your content and not getting the exposure that you deserve.

Rambling Meta Tags

Meta tags that are too long are one of the most common problems that I see during my website Internet marketing audits that are completed for clients. If your meta tags are too long, then they will get cut off in Google (and other search engines ), leading to incomplete information for both the search engines and your potential readers. Title meta tags must be under 65 characters (including spaces) and description meta tags must be under 160 characters. Most SEO experts (like Moz) agree that 155 characters is a good maximum to shoot for.

When redoing meta tags, be sure to include more top keywords and a good description of what that specific page is about. In addition, for WordPress blogs, you can use a SEO plugin that will automatically optimize these meta tags (as well as complete basic SEO) for you.

Basic SEO Isn’t Implemented

When you are setting up a blog or website, you must complete basic SEOs that will help ensure that your blog can be found in the search engines. These steps include:

  1. Creating a sitemap .xml file
  2. Verifying your domain with Bing and Google, and submitting your XML sitemap file through Webmaster Tools
  3. Setting up analytics (like Google Analytics) to track what posts are popular for how users found your site.
  4. Set basic WordPress or CMS settings to include keyword rich URLs

Other steps may be needed, depending on which CMS your website is built on.

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Keyword Research Isn’t Done

This is one of the ongoing efforts of SEO that is really crucial towards making sure that your content gets exposure and is indexed by search engines. You must do regular research based on your own keyword data from Webmaster Tools or for using other sites like UberSuggest in order to come up with high quality keywords that users are searching for.


SEO goes beyond a technical profession that is reserved for those who know how to write CSS or other programming codes. In order to be a good blogger, you must also be a budding SEO expert.

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