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List of Blog Networks v2

List of Blog Networks v2

Update: 6/1/06: The best place to look for blog networks is likely Blog Network List and Blog Network Watch.

My first effort at putting together a list of blog networks received a fair bit of attention and my thanks to everyone who has emailed and left comments. There are a lot more networks out there than I imagined, and there are blogs on networks I read where I didn’t even mentally place them as being part of a network, either way blogging continues to grow and so do blogging networks. The diversity of this list is a testament to the strength of the blogosphere and the many wonderful things people are developing and doing online.

Rather than try and edit the original list here goes version 2 with a few comments as well, there are some real gems here that are a great read, even if it means another heap of Bloglines subs get added to my bloglines account. I’d note again that this list is for blog networks only so I’ve excluded corporate sites that also have multiple blogs (CNet being a good example) because they are not blog networks but companies that just happen to also have multiple blogs. Im also excluding joint advertising networks because although they are “networks” by name they are really just individual blogs who are pitching advertising collectively (such as the Music Blog Network, FM etc..).

Weblogs Inc.,
The No.1 blog network from Jason Calacanis

Gawker Media
Nick Denton’s gossip, tabloid and soft pawn empire

collaborative network which I still think wins the award for nicest looking blogs

Blog Logic
Paul Short’s multi-blog network

Darren Rowse
technically Darren hasn’t got a network in name, but he certainly has a network of blogs, some that are also part of the Breaking News Blog Network

Brad Jasper’s network of blog and webmaster related blogs, tools and forums

Duct Tape Marketing
9 marketing blogs under the same banner

Blog Carnival
More blogging for adsense than anything else but still a blog network none the less

Weblog Empire
my little effort to be on this list

The Kos does sports


About Weblogs
Wow! I’d not seen this one before, general consumer niche topics running on Nucleus and run by Shai Coggins, who also writes the blogging pages at

Spanish Language blog network

Shiny Media
It was really, really bad of me to not put these guys on the original list, given I’ve blogged about them before, great network out of the UK

Daily Pixel
Canadian blog network

German language blog network with 6 blogs

German language blog network: I’m not sure of the relationship of the blogs here (ie network through agreement or ownership)

US blog network, new one to me, decent list of blogs and emerging sites, possibly one to watch

See Also
first-time mom

Italian langauge blog network, good list of blogs with some great dot it domain names

Creative Weblogging
Got to admit I didn’t like this network at all when it first launched because the design was just awful and you had to scroll past the ads to read anything, they’ve recently give the network a makeover and I’m plesantly suprised: all of a sudden I’m taking these guys a lot more seriously

Mink Media
UK blog network

Ist network
again, another stupid oversite on my behalf, I’ve promised to never write another list on the fly again, great and well read network of news/ gossip blogs

Trudy W Schuett
Despite being a contributor here at the Blog Herald I missed Trudy off the list and I will be forever damned for it: Trudy is one of the few people I know who writes more blogs than I do, although she has the same issue as Darren Rowse, a network of blogs without a network name, but what better way to start a network than from a position of strength.

Im only just adding Revenews because it technically is a network of blogs but they appear more as categories within one blog, but I think this is more a design issue than a technical one, plus I’m enjoying some of Jim Kukral’s work there lately as well

Seeking Alpha
Investing and financial blogs

Writers Write

Social Media Group

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