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List of Blog Networks v3 (September)

List of Blog Networks v3 (September)

My second effort back in June to put together a list of blogging networks got a strong response, but three months is a long time in the blogopshere so its time for a new list.

It would be fair to say the blog networks are breading like rabbits at the moment, so there are lots of new names, and lots of old ones as well.

The criteria for the list is this: the blogs must be owned by the network and branded as a network. I’m taking network to mean owned (ie as in a Television Network) and not the broader ideal of network, which is often more like a federation of like minded bloggers. I’ll leave that list for another day (and I’ll need a lot more time as well :-) ). I’ve also excluded single sites with multi-writers as well (sorry Jim) mainly because they don’t really fit the idea of a network for this list, or bloggers with multiple blogs not trading under a network banner. Finally the networks must be blogging plays, not multiple blogs bolted on to another larger site (for example That to is a list for another day.

By all means as always if I’ve missed any let me know, put please keep in mind the criteria for the list. To others, this is an amazing cross section of people giving it a go in the blogosphere, with an amazing variety of ideas and sites. If you’re looking for ideas or insipiration, this is one fine list to start with.

The list at the time of writing: 35 36 entries.

(In rough alphabetical order)


About Weblogs


Blog Carnival

Bloggy Network

Blog Logic

Italian langauge blog network

Blogpire Productions

Breaking News Blog Network


Italian language blogging network


Creative Weblogging

Daily Pixel
Canadian blog network

Dutch Cowboys
Dutch blog network

Duct Tape Marketing
line ball on meeting the guidelines, but each writer has a seperate sub-domain and heading so it fits….just.

Gawker Media

Goblog Media
Our first Indonesian language blog on the list


Ist network

Mink Media
UK blog network

Our first entry to the list of a Russian language blogging network

See Also
first-time mom


Most Valuable Network


The Podcast Network


Seeking Alpha
Investing and financial blogs

Shiny Media
UK Blog Network

Social Media Group

German language blog network

German language blog network

Weblog Empire

Weblogs Inc.,
The No.1 blog network from Jason Calacanis

Spanish Language blog network

Writers Write

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  • Thanks Miha, totally forgot Bloggy and I’ve blogged about it before as well, updated now :-)

    9rules doesn’t meet the criteria.

  • Tom
    I thought Shai runs most of those blogs hereself with writers? if I’m wrong I’ll take it off, I’ll drop her an email.

    As for everyone else sorry to be such a hardassed bastard but if I include 9rules I’ve got to include every man and is dog how gets together to form a “network”. Perhaps I should have called it the “corporate network list” or something similar. I promise though to do a list of these sorts of sites in the future.

  • Yes, Duncan. I do run myself — and it is a network of blogs. We have about 25 blogs and roughly 20 bloggers that are part of the network. It is not “multiple blogs bolted on to another larger siteâ€? as Tom suggested. There is NO larger site to bolt in to. :-)

    Anyway, thanks again for adding us in to the list.

  • I’m pretty sure we’ll fit here as soon as we get ready to ” officially ” launch.

    Gotta wait a week or two, tho. There seems to be another buzz being created by some guys with a new blog network ;-)

    Thanks for letting us watch you guys….hopefully we’ve seen it done as well as it can be done.

  • Thanks Shai, you beat me to the email. Mike, keep me in the loop, although I running a few networks myself I still have an intense love and interest in these things, and I love seeing what others are doing.

  • It reallly sounds like you crafted the “criteria” not to include the hottest and most popular weblog network around right now ….. 9rules.

    Is this because you guys are scared of them, can’t compete, or both? Gimmea break.

  • “It is not “multiple blogs bolted on to another larger site’ as Tom suggested.”

    AboutWeblogs : it still does not qualify. There are several blogs but they are “bolted” under the domain. Or did I get your requirement wrong?

    And I still cannot understand why 9rules is not included in the list.

  • Nice list Duncan. I guess ‘soon to be launched’ networks don’t make v3 of the list. Maybe Webby Media will it make on v4.

    Congrats with the b5media launch, BTW.

  • Aaack. Must resist the impulse to go check them all at once and dump another boatload of links into my feeds reader now… some of these really seem to be worth perusing.

    (Now this makes me wonder, I see German and UK networks, but I can’t remember having ever seen a French one–unless I’ve missed one in the list here, I’ve only had a quick look so far. Maybe there’s some open spot only awaiting initiative here… ;))

  • Something about lists that always stirs up controversy and gets you some links, huh Duncan? :-) I read the criteria and I can see how 9rules doesn’t fit in, so the list makes perfect sense. I don’t think the list is that much different than the previous two you had so it does kind of sting havin new criteria that doesn’t allow our network in (damn I am making this sound like a club now). Que sera, sera.

    Looking forward to seeing your next list. We will just get back to staying under the radar.

  • With all respect but why is Dutch Cowboys on the list as a blognetwork? It’s a multi-writers blog but not a blognetwork. In the Netherlands there are a few blognetworks that meets your criteria of a blognetwork. and are two examples.

  • I’m sorry Shai and Duncan. I guess that I misunderstood what “bolted onto a larger site” meant. I thought that the “larger site” would be the About Weblogs site, itself, and the “multiple blogs” would be each of the blogs in the seperate categories (which are in sub-directories connected to the AboutWeblogs domain).

    If this qualifies, then State Informer would count, as well. I run it, myself, and there are 52 blogs with 15 bloggers that are contributing, at this time. It’s still in it’s infancy, and we’re working on getting at least two bloggers from each state.

  • Michael: I don’t think that’s what Duncan meant with that criteria (see example). Otherwise, plenty of other networks won’t qualify – even Weblogs, Inc. have some blogs in their subdomains like AboutWeblogs.

    Tom: No worries. AboutWeblogs is not the larger site — it’s the network itself. But, instead of going through the individual domain route for each blog under our network, we’re just doing it in subdomain/folders (for now anyway).

  • There still are really just 2 blog networks… Gawker and Weblogs, Inc. None of these other ones even come close in terms of quality… although 9rules is shaping up nicely…

  • Hey John

    Glad you think 9rules is shaping up nicely. We still have a long way to go, but we think we are heading in the right direction. Another one to add to the list although it won’t touch what’s available is the Fine Fool Community. Something a little bit different.

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