Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want to Pay Bloggers

I believe that a blogger who is on top of their game is just as valuable as a staff writer. Yet, you will often find that the compensation doesn’t match.

This is the very issue I wrestled with when considering an offer to write a weekly blog post for US News & World Report – for zero compensation. Despite a strong reaction from my peers and readers of this blog, I decided to do it. So far, it has translated into what I think is a nice resume-booster and about 60 click-throughs a month.

I’ll leave it for you to decide if the time I put into writing each post is worth it. For now, I think it is. But it’s a fine line between a blogger guest posting just for the exposure and mainstream media looking for free content. Which leads me to the “Write My Blog” contest I came across on CNBC.

According to Sports Biz blogger Darren Rovell…

It’s always hard taking a vacation these days as a reporter. Being on the beat all the time is just part of the job…Since I want to take a real vacation and get away, I don’t want to be blogging. At the same time, I do want my blog to continue to be the destination it has become for all things sports business…So if you’re a sports biz junkie, you frequent this site and you think you know your stuff, here is your chance to guest host my blog on

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Read more about the contest and enter.

What are your thoughts? Good exposure for a blogger; or mainstream media freeloading? Perhaps both. Speak your mind!

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  • I think it depends on everyone’s situation. I was offered something similar for a new Immigration Community Website and, for me, I just need to build a name and some reputation so to do it for free, once a week and just a few lines for a linkback to my blog… It’s a good deal.

    If I were John Chow I’d probably charge them… or not do it at all! But I’m not: he’s in BC and I’m in ON… ;)

    Best regards…

  • I think it’s a little of both. I’ve noticed the trend in broadcast news too: “Send us your video” (do our job for us). The contest seems like a fun and good-faith effort to give an unknown blogger a little press while keeping the blog going during vacation.

    I don’t think you should be pilloried for taking an unpaid gig either as long as you aren’t feeling hard done by. You’re getting clicks and a resume booster (on a name brand site too). If you think that’s enough reward for your effort then who am I to judge?

  • It really depends on the media, prestige, exposure you’ll get. I don’t think there’s no rule. Ramon Ray, Editor & Technology Evangelist,

  • Equal pay for equal work. If the project in question is of the same variety and depth that would be created by a staff writer, than the pay should absolutely reflect that.

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